...That IS the Question

To Write or not to Write?
You might ask yourself any number of questions which sound like the mean the same thing.
Do I have the 'gift'?....What gift? It is true that some people just find writing a lot easier than others; they enjoy it from first encounter. But I think that more people (much like myself before I started writing) just like to imagine stories and thoughts. These people have great imaginations, they have what it takes to make a book; they have a story. But, they don't know how to give that story to other people.
Ever since I was little, I have spent time with my brother in an imaginary world. That world was very real for me, I invented it. When I got older, I gave it a history and a language (1000 words to go!). I gave it a solar system, friends, flight schedules, cities, maps...everything I could think of that this world has. Then my time in this world became more structured, stories were started, and stories were (drum roll please) finished!

So then I tried to tell my friends about it, but I couldn't and that frustrated me.
So I decided to write! I got out all my notes, and they were practically non-existent. Every single little thing was I had made in that world, was in my head.
Terrified that I would forget, I wrote it all down and typed it all up and then began my story. I am announcing the first bunch of letters in "THE BIRTHDAY THAT CHANGED MY LIFE"
And of course all that was just answering the question that you asked when you started to read this post: 'do I have the gift?'
Answer: I have no idea! But I know that God made you a person who can acquire any skill you REALLY put your mind to. I say that no matter what you think, YOU. CAN. WRITE!
Man was made to create beauty to glorify God, so lets start creating things.
I also know that, once you can write happily, you see everything else in a different (but very good) light. 

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