The Birthday That Changed My Life

Darling Marianne,                                       MARCH 15th 1868

Today was my first day at BTSD, I had a wonderful time. First of all I went to my flying lessons, they were wonderful and I got to fly one of those little scout jets, at first I couldn’t see why they were in advanced, then I got into one; and wow! Those things are fast, I almost crashed twice, but Mr. Blands (thats my teacher) said that it was fine and that if I hadn’t had any trouble then he wouldn't need to be teaching me. After that I went in to get my license signed so that I could officially accept the job I had been offered. I will get my first assignment (for my job that is) the day after tomorrow, I am so excited. I saw the man who brought me the news twice today, once when I was getting my license signed and again when I landed the jet, he looked so relieved when I got out of that jet in one piece that it made me laugh. I am still not exactly sure what he does around there, but he seems rather unimportant. I still don’t know his name and I think I will ask him tomorrow if I see him. I noticed that there is another man who hangs around and talks with the first man, he seems to know him  pretty well and I feel like I have seen him somewhere before. If I don’t see the gentlemen then my teacher might know who he is, although he doesn’t seem very important. There is one girl at the BTSD who is very nice, she teaches the less advanced people to fly airplanes and things, even though she flies spacecraft.
Oh! I forgot to mention, I saw your picture in the paper today. Whoever was interviewing you at the rehearsal had a wonderful picture of one of the dance moves in full costume. It made me so proud to see you looking so famous. Someday when you are a great celebrity I can tell people: “thats my friend.” Then I can sell your autograph for lots of money because you still sign all your letters.
I have to get up early tomorrow so I should go to bed now, write to me soon! Goodnight!
Kisses and Huggs,
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