Thunder Mugwump

Photo by
Nathan Ostermann
On the 15th of March at 8:30 pm. My youngest goat Rosie, had her baby. It was very exciting to watch the whole process of a kid coming into the world.
Rosie was very nonchalont, she didn't even seem to notice she was kidding until we pulled the kid the rest of the way out and forced her to look at him. Then she licked him off with help from surrounding human friends (myself included). He was standing withing ten minutes and nursing soon after his first wobbly steps.
As you know, there was a storm on the fifteenth. So I named the baby 'Thunder' but another of the bystanders decided that he was a 'Mugwump'. So, even though I do have the last say in names, We compromised and named him 'Thunder Mugwump'. It sounds like some kind of superhero spoof.
So I call him 'Thunder Mugwump' or just plain Thunder. And the other person calls him Mugwump. I don't care which of the two you called him, he is cute both ways.
Of course my brother got out his camera and took several pictures the next day.
So here are some photos of 'Thunder Mugwump' courtesy of Nathan Ostermann.


 photo theauthor_zps8356b86b.png


  1. Please tell me you didn't lick the goat.

    1. No, I did not lick the goat. But I helped pull things off and clean him up.
      It wasn't actually that bad. It sounds disgusting, but you wouldn't mind if you had been there. It is life, it is amazing.
      I was kinda grossed out at first, but I warmed to it.

  2. Awww. the baby is so cute!

  3. I know! Such an adorable goat.