The Birthday That Changed My Life

Dearest Marianne                                       MARCH 16th 1868

I got your letter this morning, but I didn’t have time to read it until now. I am very sorry to hear about Ralph and I hope that he will get better soon, although by the time you get this letter I am sure that he will be fine. I didn’t find out that man’s name, when I asked Mr. Blands about a young gentleman who hung out in recruiting but was not very important, he said he didn’t know who I was speaking of and I would need to point him out when we landed. Mr. Blands seemed to know who I was talking about until I got to that bit about the unimportance, then he was lost. I didn’t have time to point him out when we landed because Mr. Blands was called away in a hurry as he is also a doctor and there was an accident of some sort. Tomorrow I will get my first real assignment, I am getting pretty nervous already. Just three months until summer when I will see you again, I miss you so much. Can’t you write to me every day to? In about three days you will start to get letters from me every day, because I am going to write one and mail one every day. You should get the first one soon. If you wrote every day then every ten days you would get an answer to the question you asked ten letters ago. Also, Mr. Blands says that he is going to take me on a week long trip in a passenger ship, I am so excited! He says that I will actually be flying people to a destination and he already has permission to do it within a month from now (I need time to learn how to fly the passenger ship first). We don’t know exactly when yet, but we know that we will do it for sure.
When I think how much money this kind of training would have cost me, I am very glad that I paid what I did for the other lessons as they enabled me to get a scholarship here at BTSD. That girl I was telling you about in my last letter is so sweet, I wish you could meet her! Her name is Genevieve by the way and she is taller than me, and much prettier, but she is not the least bit stuck-up. Genevieve is teaching escape-pod navigation now, she says that it is great fun. I have a slight suspicion that my first assignment will be teaching, although I would much rather clean the ships as that is so educational. When you teach you can only review things that you know like the back of your hand, but when you clean you get to hear all about new things and see everything. I saw that man cleaning one of those big private ships so I don’t imagine that he is any more important than me.

Missing You
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