Recently, my injured goat, May, had a baby. We were sure that she would have aborted when she was attacked by the dog, but apparently she held on.
So she has a baby boy now. Sad thing is, she doesn't realize he is her baby. Because of the way her neck in stuck, she can't smell him properly when he tries to nurse, so he just seems like one of the other kids bothering her, and she shakes him off. Don't worry about the baby though, he is getting fed plenty, I see to that. 
His name is Thief. At first it was Miracle, but I changed it to Thief, he seems to like it, but is very confused that he can't find a mother, so he just adopted me. 
Hopefully, pictures are on there way, but don't count on it.   photo theauthor_zps8356b86b.png


  1. OH MY GOODNESS THAT'S WONDERFUL!!! I had no idea!!! She had her BABY??!?! I thought for sure that was impossible!!
    That's sad she can't nurse him. Poor thing. But I'm glad he's doing well. Congratulations!!!

  2. Yeah... but it's so exciting. To bad he had to be a boy, so so so sweet.