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(Random snippets that ought to go into a story. And do you know whats really weird? After I think of something like this, I start writing in my stories, and I suddenly realize that this could fit, though I probably won't use it. Shows how much my random disconnected musing can connect to a story without me knowing.)

There is a moment, when there is so much pain that you become numb to it all. When there is so much feeling, that there ceases to be any feeling. At that moment, there is a sense of relief; nothing can hurt you any more, you have been pushed to the edge and have fallen over.
Then someone comes along who is kind and gentle. A light in your darkness, a soothing balm for all your hurts. Your empty heart reaches out for love and affection. And for once, someone reaches out and fills it. And you think, 'this is it, I can forget the pain and loss. I can be free'. But you can never be free, and you can never forget. It never really leaves, you can never be at peace. By day, you may escape it; but it will come for you in the night. It pays no heed to loving arms wrapped around you, but seeps into your heart and strikes. So you give up, you lose hope, darkness surrounds you again, but that one light never fades. It shines brightly, waiting for you to come and warm you stone cold heart in its flame. But you cannot go, the strong, cold fingers of the past pull you back. Dragging you with them, holding on and never letting go. No matter how hard you struggle to break free, to reach the light, you cannot. So the one who loves you comes to rescue you, he reaches out for you, but you are dragged down. Then they take you where he cannot follow, into the depths of your own mind, making you remember, making you feel it all over again. And you are lost, and can never be free. But that one light always shines, always a hope of peace. It will be a long and hard road, but in the end, you must reach it, you must be free. 
—Remember Me.
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