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(Sometimes you just think of cool snippets that would probably fit into some interesting story that you will never write. But the snippet wants to be written, even if it story isn't. So here is a snippet I accidentally started narrating to myself when I was wandering around outside in the after rain wonderfulness.
By the way, the man who speaks second, has lines that are supposed to be spoken in a celtic, irish, scottish accent.)

"What do you mean 'I see things differently? I know I don't have that gift, I have looked and looked and looked, but I didn't see anything change."
"You have the gift, I can feel it surrounding you. The ability to see things as they truly are. You have the gift, don't you worry about that, las"
"Then why don't I see things differently?"
"Because you try to hard."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"You look at a tree and expect to see a fairy; you're blinded by yer own eyes."
"What am I supposed to see?"
"A tree," said Cafix, staring calmly at Gael.
"Oh, what a wonderful gift. Most people look at a tree and see a tree, but I look at a tree and see a tree."
"Yes, that's quite right. It's like being able to look into someone's soul. You would see who they really were, but you would still be looking at the same person. Same with the tree, you look at it, and you see what it really looks like."
"Trees don't have souls."
"Gaelic! Stop fighting it, I know yer scared. Yer scared because you know it's true, everything I am telling you. But you cant see because you keep fighting it. Stop expecting fairies, expect a tree and nothing more, and you will see a tree."
"You're not making sense," said Gael, "and you're not helping."
"There's this picture, and if you look at it one way, ya see an old woman, and if you look at it another, you see a young. It's the same picture, and the same lines, drawn the same way that your looking at. Nothing changes, except the way you look at it."
"But neither the young woman, nor the old is the essence of the painting."
"No, they are both a part of it. But suppose the artist made it a picture of a young woman, but all the world looks at his lines, not the 'wrong way' but the 'different way'. So that they can only see the old woman, but you, you can see the young, so you see it as it was meant to be seen."
"So it's not a gift? It's just something people have lost over the ages?"
"You are hardening your mind against me Gael, you know what I mean to say. Just stop fighting. Stop walking through the world wanting to see something. Just go on with your life, don't obsess over it, just live your life like you always do, and it will come to you."
"What will it be like?"
"I can't tell you because if I told you, you would look for it, and then it would not come. You can't look for the future, the future will come to you."
"What must I do then?"
"Don't do anything, just go back to your home and be normal. If you go towards it, it will run from you. But if you sit still and don't try to catch it, it will come to you, and get to know you and you it, until it comes into you entirely. Then, and only then, you will see."
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