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Our next interview is with the author of The Pendant. If you are interested in reading this story; contact me and I will see that your request is sent to the author. 

Write a little bit about your story. Try to give the basics of its plot line:
It starts out with Reniseb finding the Pendant, then she meets up with a group of men who are also trying to find it. Then the enemy group, the Snakes, steal the Pendant. And they go on a search to try and get it back. They are accosted by the enemy and captured, and then in the end…well if I told you the end it wouldn’t be very interesting to read.

The title of your story is The Pendant. Where in the development of your story did the title come to mind? At the beginning; in the middle; at the end? What sort of other titles came to mind? Why did you choose this one in particular?
Actually, is started out as untitled story. I wanted some interesting and intriguing name for it, but I couldn’t think of anything. Not even an option to turn down. Except ‘The Pendant”. I didn’t like it at first because it seemed so obvious, but it grew on me and I just accepted it.

Is The Pendant a story you would ever consider publishing?
Possibly. Not right now, not when I finish it. But maybe in a few years when I have published something else (hopefully) I might consider it. For now, it is just the first story I have ever really undertaken to finish. And I am not doing very good at that, but it will be finished eventually.

How did the idea for Pendant come to mind? What sort of things inspired it?
I didn't really have any story line written down, and I don’t really have one now. I just started writing, and eventually I said. “Hey! This is actually pretty good for a start, maybe I should actually think about it” and I made a story line in my head.
I think that it was mainly inspired by Eloise Jarvis McGraw’s Mara: Daughter of the Nile.

The Pendant is set in ancient Egypt. Did you think of Egypt, and write a story that went in it. Or did you have a story that Egypt just happened to fit?
Neither one really; I just sat down to write without any idea of what was going to happen. And somehow Ancient Egypt became the setting. I don’t really know how it happened. But Egypt didn’t just happen to fit either. They all came together at once.

The main character in this story is the young daughter of an Egyptian lord, named Reniseb. Does this name have any particular meaning or connections for you?
Not really. I was reading a murder mystery set in ancient Egypt by Agatha Christie. And that was the name of one of the women, not even the main character. I just liked it.

Tell us a little bit about the development of The Pendant. What sort of things were there at the beginning? What changed and what stayed? How much was influenced by things around you?
I haven’t finished writing it yet, so I haven’t gone over it in detail and eliminated stuff. So mostly I haven’t changed anything yet. But there was one part where the hero and heroine let the world know that they are in love, and I hadn't really let them spend much time with each other before that. Thankfully, my dear friends made me go back and put in the scenes that had just been in my head. It was a huge improvement on the story.
I got about ten pages into it on my own, and I doubt I could have gotten any farther without the support of my wonderful friends, and that fact that they also love to write. I was also greatly influenced by my mom, who is also a writer and who first taught me the beauty of words.
Thank you!

Have you considered writing a sequel to The Pendant?
No. It is going to be a very stand-alone book. I never intend to write a sequel.

Is there anything about this story that you would consider changing at some point?
Aside from minor issues with consistency and such; no. I am happy with my story line. Though it is a little bit sad.

Are there any particular scenes in The Pendant which you especially enjoyed reading and/or writing?
I have enjoyed them all equally so far, but there is one scene I haven’t got to yet, and I really look forward to writing that. It will be my favorite to write I am sure.

How good do you consider this in comparison to your other stories? Is it better than most of them? Worse?
Pretty much in the middle. My Niradde series will be the best of my stories, but that isn't saying much.

Have you written any other stories set in ancient Egypt?

Out of all the characters in The Pendant, which one do you identify with most? Tell a little bit about that character.
I don’t really identify with any of them; for one thing I have none of their skills or anything. But Tseskos personality is similar to mine. She has a very small part in book, but she is very bubbly and giggly. One of Reniseb’s closest friends.

Out of all the characters in The Pendant, which one was most interesting to write for?
Nefru. Definitely Nefru. His character is very complicated and he is fascinating to work with. He can be really unjust and annoying at times, but he has great depth and a good heart. He has a very strong temper that is hard to excite, but when you do it is not a hot temper but a freezing cold temper. There is only one scene in the book where he completely loses it and becomes fiery and furious. But I can’t talk about that scene because it would give a lot away. My hint is that it is part of the scene I most look forward to writing.

Did you do any research on ancient Egypt, or was it all just from general knowledge?
I did a ton of research. Somewhere in the story, Nefru is telling Reniseb about bloodlines of kings and people who did such and such. Every name in that list is a real name and in the proper relation to the other names. I know what year my story is in, and I know what year each king or relation thereof is in. Their characters may not be what they actually were in history, but their lineage is. I stretched things a bit with Tiye because I wanted her to be the only wife of her husband, and of course she wasn't. But he is a real pharaoh whose wife really was Tiye. And she has a son who really is in the history books. It took me forever to find an ancient (even for those times) king whose lineage fitted with what I wanted, but I found him in the end, and it worked. All this is of course based off the fact that Wikipedia is telling the truth. If not; I am sunk.

About how long did it take you to bring this story to its current state of completion?
It hasn't even been a full year. I started in fall of 2013.

Is there anything else you would like to say about The Pendant?
Just that I have really enjoyed writing it, and even though I have always loved making things up. The Pendant is the first story I ever really wrote. Since it began, many others have come up, and suddenly I have no time for something that I never even thought of a few years ago. It may not be very good, but I am grateful to it for drawing me into a world that I now love so much. I also want to thank all of the dear friends who have been a part of it and I hope that they will help me to bring it to full completion.

Would you like to give any contact information, give a pen name, or remain completely anonymous?

Actually, I have always thought that a pen name would be fun, but I will only ever publish under my own name, which I cannot give. However, I have liked the idea of writing each story under the name of the main character of that story.

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