Make a postcard out of any photo.

Here is a pretty simple tutorial for making a 4-6 postcard out of any 4-6 photo. You can also put this in an envelope and make it a normal card. But whatever you do with it, it is sweet, simple, and fun. Plus you get that feeling of being wickedly creative again, and that is a good feeling to have. All the pictures are terrible and blurry because I took them all very fast because I was tired. But you get the idea.

You will need....

Laminator, laminating pouch, and laminating sleeve.  
Good sharp scissors

At least two 4-6 photos (you can do up to three at a time)

At least a half sheet of card-stock per photo, of a color complimentary to the photo.

Glue (optional)

Paper cutter (optional)

Now we are ready to begin. 
1. Place your photos on their paper and outline it with the pencil. Use your paper cutter or scissors to cut out the 4-6 rectangles.

2. Cut at least a quarter inch off every side of your photos. You can cut more if you want, depending on how much of your photo you want on the finished card. But don't go under a quarter inch or it won't laminate properly. The cut photos should fit on the paper with a nice frame around them.

3. Now if you want you can put a circle of glue in the middle of the card-stock rectangle to help keep the photos in place while laminating.

4. Open the laminating pouch and put the photos on their cards in the pouch. You can see that three would fit nicely, but we are only doing two for starters. Make sure the side of the card with the photo on it is facing up.

5. Take your laminating sleeve. It is made of two parts to go on top and bottom of what you are laminating. 

open it up and peel the halves apart. (You can use the other half for another set of cards, so don't throw it away.)
Lay the half sleeve over the cards in the pouch, shiny side up.

Close the laminating pouch.

6. Put the laminating pouch with its contents (careful now, you don't want to dislodge the cards or the photos will not stay in the center of the paper) into the laminator. (Minor detail, my laminator only has three settings, but others might have more. Make sure it is set to regular laminate. Don't do foil or cold laminate. The machine should feel a bit warm.)

7. When it comes out, the sleeve should come right out with your cards attached,
 if not, run it through again and/or make sure the settings are right. Cut out the cards and make sure the laminator has secured the photos to the paper some times one edge is still loose, if so, go ahead and run it through again. Once you make a rough cut, slide the open scissors right along the edge of the card (it's okay if you shave off a little bit of the card itself). If your scissors are good and sharp, the excess plastic sleeve stuff should cut like butter. Now you have a card which is shiny and smooth on one side, and the same as a piece of paper on the other.

You can put a stamp on the other side and make it a post card, or you can put it in an envelope as a note card. Or you can just give them to people like a nicely framed and glossed photo. Whatever you want, but they are really cool. 


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