The Beautiful People idea was amazing, but I though I would change it a little and let my character answer the questions themselves, and let anyone ask them questions.
Announcing my own rendition of beautiful people.
Anyone can ask a question of any of my characters, and hear it answered by that character. The characters will answer questions that spoil the story, though they can't tell you anything that they don't know in the actual story. For instance, if you were to ask the detective in Furious Death who did it, he would be unable to tell you, as I have not gotten there in the story, and he doesn't know yet.
The character's are also not bound to answer truthfully, they simply say what they would really say if some random stranger asked them a question. For instance, if you ask the murderer in Furious Death if he/she did it, he/she would say no, even if that wasn't true.
So, to ask a question, you comment on this page  with the name of the character (list of people is on the page) and your question.
This is new, so no one has been asked questions yet, but once a person has been asked a question, you will be able to click on their name and see any questions they are ever asked as well as their answers.
And, when I want to do a traditional 'Beautiful People', the last person asked a question, will be my character for the Beautiful People, no matter how insignificant that character is.
Go to the following link to ask questions.
All You Beautiful People!!!
And yes, this was very confusing, but I like to think that I explain it better on the actual page.

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