Beautiful People


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So I decided to do the Beautiful People from July 2011, I was going to do the July of this year, but it isn't out yet, and I didn't like the questions of the June edition.
I wasn't sure which of my many characters I wanted to do. It's like choosing between children. But my favorite two are Reniseb from The Pendant and Arianna from The Revolution of Niradde.
In the end I decided on Arianna because she has a more complicated character than Reniseb. 
So here goes. WARNING!! There are major spoilers.

  • What is his/her biggest secret?
  • Well,  at first her main secret was that she was one of the Followers, but that is let out pretty soon in the story.  She and Jakob share the secret of being able to get out of the city. Which is supposed to be completely impossible. 

  • Has he/she ever been in love?
  • Not that she knows of, but readers will soon see that she feels very strongly for Jakob.

  • What is his/her comfort food?
  • Well, she mostly lives off of cabbage and/or potato soup, or some sort of mash. But when she was six years old, the leader of the followers stole a sweet bread for her, so that is probably what would comfort her in terms of food.

  • Does he/she play a musical instrument? If so, what?
  • She has never had access to any musical instrument of any kind, nor has she even heard one played.

  • What color are his/her eyes? Hair?
  • She has large, round eyes that are a very dark, warm brown. Her hair is almost black, but there are faint traces of red in it, and it shine like auburn in the sun.

  • Does he/she have any pets?
  • Not one.

  • What is his/her favorite place to be?
  • Her favorite place is a little grove of trees outside the city on top of the 'island cliff'.

  • What are some of his/her dreams or goals?
  • Her dream is to see Castor dead and be free of his tyranny. Other than that, she wants find a way down the cliff, and go swimming.

  • Does he/she enjoy sports?
  • Not conventional sports, but she loves sneaking about in the palace and climbing around the city by way of the roofs.

  • What is his/her favorite flower or plant?
  • A little tiny flower that she named Hope. It managed to grow through the cracked stone on the ground of the Old Hall. It is the only flower in the city, not including those that grow in the palace. She named it hope because it made her think that someday, she too could come out of her prison into the sun, and be free. 

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