Some news on The Pendant

So, the good news is the with my current word goal of 50000 words for The Pendant, I only have 5000 words to go, which is nothing.
And the also good news is that The Pendant is going to be a lot longer than 50000 words. Which means that I am taking my goal up to 60 or 70 thousand words because I will not be able to finish The Pendant in less. Which means that this pretty picture down here:

43613 / 50000 words. 87% done!

Is going to change to this other picture down here which is both less lovely and more lovely at the same time:

43613 / 65000 words. 67% done!  

The good news is, I am beginning to almost begin to draw The Pendant to it's close. Which is really really exciting.  And with a goal of 65000 words, I still only have about 21,387 which isn't really so bad when you think about it. And after that I can actually get back to work on Niradde again. Not to mention all the other writing projects I have lined up from here to judgment day. 
Of course, the Niradde goals are going to stay at about 50000 because it is a four book series, so the books will be shorter. But who knows, I might just write a whole bunch of really really really long books and feel really good for the last five minutes of my life before I die of old age.
But back to the bright side of life. My great great great great grandchildren might even have enough money to bribe a publisher into publishing these books. YAY!!!

And did I mention that there is always a possibility of this little picture:


43613 / 70000 words. 62% done!

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I like to post random snippets from things from time to time and this is one of them. It is from a story that has ten pages, no really thought out story line, and no title. But I still like it.

I was asleep when the messenger came; and no one thought to wake me. After all, I was only ten and I might as well have been invisible, to everyone but my uncle. And maybe that was how I knew; perhaps, when someone you love dies, you do ‘know’ without being told. I wasn’t told, I was never told. I don’t know if they decided not to tell me, or just forgot; probably the latter. I was used to being ignored and forgotten by everyone, except my uncle. When I woke up the next morning, I just knew. I knew that he was dead, and I didn’t cry. I never cried, I just shut out the world and everything in it, and the world shut me out. I was used to that. Ever since Mother died, I had shut everything out, everything except my uncle.
He was such a wonderful man. I wish you could have known him. He had bright hazel eyes, which always seemed to be full of mirth and joy. The only time I had ever seen them cloud over, was when Mother died. His hair was dark, dark brown. Thick and wavy, it fell just to his shoulders. He was tall and strong as a lion, but gentle as a lamb. He always seemed to be laughing. And what a laugh. It was deep and booming, filling the space with happiness. He always had an out-of-doors smell about him. I remember the smell distinctly. I had always used to bury my face in his chest when I was sad, and the smell had comforted me. He was so wonderful, and now he was gone. I would never hear his laugh again. Or see the twinkle in his eyes when he had a secret. I would never bury my face in his chest again.
I never saw the body, and if there was a funeral, I didn’t go. I don’t know if they even had one, they never told me. As soon as I knew, I went to his room and buried my face in his clothes; they still smelled of him. And no one noticed me, hiding in his room. But they washed everything, and washed away the last of him. I ate at table with the rest of them, but I didn’t sit in my usual seat; the seat by my uncles chair. I couldn't bear to sit too close. So no one noticed me, no one ever noticed.
I began to take refuge outside. Because outside smelled like him, and he had loved the outdoors too. I rarely slept in my room, because I fell asleep wherever I happened to be, I had always been like that, and my uncle had always come and found me and carried me to my own room, and tucked me into bed. But no one came to find me now, so I slept wherever I was when I got tired. In the woods, in a horse's stall, in a tree, on the roof. Anywhere. And no one paid any attention to me. When my uncle died, my half-brother was placed on the throne. He was my father’s son from a previous marriage, and I had never seen him, any more than I had seen my father. There had been Mother, and there had been my Uncle. And Mother died when I was three, so there was just my Uncle. He was my father, the only one I had ever known.

Then when I was fourteen, my half-brother died, and people began to take notice of me. And suddenly, after fourteen years of not being noticed by anyone but my uncle, I was the center of attention. I was the heir to the throne. I was a princess. And people began paying attention to where I went. They found me if I fell asleep, and woke me up and made me go to bed. I had to undress when I went to bed, and dress when I woke up. I had to sit in my old place at table, the place by my uncle’s chair. Then, a Regent came along. My uncle’s step-father began to rule until I was old enough to take his place.

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So it is time for the September edition of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE
This is the Villain edition so I will be doing Castor from The Revolution of Niradde
And as a side note to that story, I have made the entire plot line for the book (which keeps getting full of stuff that belongs in the second book ;) and have decided everything except what happens to Castor. I will soon be writing in the actual book again, and making progress, but Castor's fate remains undecided. He is too complicated for me to know what to do with him. I feel like he should be faced with justice and die, but that seems to easy and cliche, and I really don't know what to do with him. I also feel like I should care more about his son, but poor Benmajin just doesn't really get a very big role in the story, so I apologize to him. 
And now, without further blah blah blahing, I will let Castor take the stage and answer some questions about himself. In third person.

1. What is their motive?

Castor wants power, and has it and intends to keep it. But he is also obsessed with the technology he discovered. However, his main motive is that he has discovered that Magic is real, and he is using the young people of his island to experiment on and use for Magic. He was once happy with his little island, but now he wants the world, and that can only be accomplished with Magic, so his motive for what he does on Niradde is desire to have the entire world under his thumb. 

2. What do they want, and what are they prepared to do to get it?

He wants the world. And he is prepared to sacrifice hundreds of human lives, simply to get the means to achieve his goal. His is willing to sacrifice his own sanity. His is willing to do anything.

3. How do they deal with conflict?

Castor deals with conflict by winning. He destroys all who oppose him, and comes out on top.

4. Describe their current place of residence.

He currently lives in the Palace in Niradde. It is actually a beautiful place, or would be if light was let it and there wasn't a heavy feeling of evil in the air. It is not an particularly large palace, and might even be described as a little on the smallish side, but it is imposing and very very golden. But not golden like the sun, just golden and heavy and strong. 

5. If they were writing this story, how would it end?

If Castor were writing this story, it would end with him in a place of world domination. 

6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?

Castor is very...smooth you might say. He has a great sense of humor, if it is more of a sadistic sense of humor. He responds to sarcasm with sarcasm, and never gets angry in any way that you can tell. Which makes him really creepy most of the time. He never raises his voice much except when he laughs an unpleasant and disturbing laugh. And yet you can always hear him. You hear of villains mirthless disturbing creepy laughs. Castor's is creepier in that it really isn't mirthless. He is genuinely happy when he laughs, and he is never happy about good things. If you insult him in a funny way, he actually finds it funny, and really truly laughs his horrible laugh. And responds as if he doesn't mind at all and yet you know that you are in big trouble. 

7. How do they show love? What do they like to do with/for people they love?

Castor never loved any human being except for Benmajin's mother. He worshiped the ground she walked on. He treated her like a queen. And he really truly loved her. She actually loved him to, as horrible as he was, and because she loved him. She tried very hard to stop him of his evil ways for his own good and for the people's good. I don't know how he showed his love for her. I wasn't there in her time. But he did show his love for her. He actually got visibly angry before she died, and when insulted, acted like he had been insulted. Things that were funny at his expense, he did not find funny as he does now. He was a somewhat more normal villain then. His wife never knew about his Magic experiments, nor the technology he had discovered. She thought only that the people who didn't get out of the presentation, became Cured servants. This bothered her a lot, but she bore it. When she was insulted or disrespected in any little way by anyone, that person was usually killed on the spot, or worse. But when she died giving birth to Benmajin, Castor turned into the man he is today. And his son only survived death because his wife made him promise to take care of the baby before she died. So he did take care of Banmajin though he hated him more that could be imagined. But Castor always keeps his word. He does not make promises lightly any more, and didn't then, except to his wife. 

8. Do they have any pets?


9. Where would they go to relax/think?

Nowhere, he never needs to relax as he is always relaxed, and he thinks no matter what he is doing. He sometimes sits beside his late wife's grave to think about her or ask her for advice on certain things, but that is it. 

10. What is their weapon of choice? (FYI: words, eyes/looks, and fists count as weapons, too.)

This is a hard question. He uses his guards as weapons. But I think his own personal weapon of choice would be his wits and words, and a creepy little knife that he takes everywhere with him that has poison on it that kills in ten seconds. I will not describe much more about this knife, because it belongs in the book and is creepy and disturbing and doesn't really pertain to the question.

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