Some news on The Pendant

So, the good news is the with my current word goal of 50000 words for The Pendant, I only have 5000 words to go, which is nothing.
And the also good news is that The Pendant is going to be a lot longer than 50000 words. Which means that I am taking my goal up to 60 or 70 thousand words because I will not be able to finish The Pendant in less. Which means that this pretty picture down here:

43613 / 50000 words. 87% done!

Is going to change to this other picture down here which is both less lovely and more lovely at the same time:

43613 / 65000 words. 67% done!  

The good news is, I am beginning to almost begin to draw The Pendant to it's close. Which is really really exciting.  And with a goal of 65000 words, I still only have about 21,387 which isn't really so bad when you think about it. And after that I can actually get back to work on Niradde again. Not to mention all the other writing projects I have lined up from here to judgment day. 
Of course, the Niradde goals are going to stay at about 50000 because it is a four book series, so the books will be shorter. But who knows, I might just write a whole bunch of really really really long books and feel really good for the last five minutes of my life before I die of old age.
But back to the bright side of life. My great great great great grandchildren might even have enough money to bribe a publisher into publishing these books. YAY!!!

And did I mention that there is always a possibility of this little picture:


43613 / 70000 words. 62% done!

 photo theauthor_zps8356b86b.png

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