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For lack of a better idea. I decided to do Ukani, from the Pendant.

1. Do they have any habits, annoying or otherwise? 
Ukani's main habit is constantly teasing people and laughing at them. It is annoying, but Ukani's frank and cheerful manner draws you in, making his occasional praise much more valuable and desired. When he laughs at you, it is only annoying because he makes you want his praise so much that it hurts not to get it. 

2. What is their back-story and how does it affect them now? 

Ukani's back story is never really explained, even in the book. I know it, but it's mostly a secret. He was basically a nomad and wandered around until he ran into his brother Nefru again, then he joined up with him. 

3. How do they show love? 

Mostly through kindly teasing. But Ukani's loyalty and love is not lightly given. If you had his love and loyalty, and you knew the strange workings of his mind, you could make Ukani do about anything you wanted he would be so devoted to you. Fortunately absolutely no one knows the inner workings of his mind, except me. That is how I got him to do all this ridiculous stuff for my story. 

4. How competitive are they? 

Hmm. Ukani usually wins all games and most fights, so he doesn't really get a chance to be competitive or not competitive. But I think that he is pretty competitive. 

5. What do they think about when nothing else is going on? 

Mostly he thinks about those he loves, and how to prevent harm coming to them. How to protect them. 

6. Do they have an accent? 

You could say that. From all his travels, Ukani has picked up many dialects and languages. Speaking all of these fluently has given his speech a sort of mixed up sound, like it can't decide what it was originally.  

7. What is their station in life

Technically, he is the older son of a noble. He is favored of Pharaoh. But in his actual life he is a completely penniless nomad who wanders around and works for his food. 

8. What do others expect from them? 

Depends what you mean by expect. If you mean...this is what you must do. Than nothing is the answer. He is not expected to be a hero or anything really. If you mean, his actions are no surprise because they were expected....then the answer is just "confusing." He leads to expect one thing on minute, and the next he seems as if he would never do such a thing. Generally, you can expect a lot of mocking laughter and teasing from him. 

9. Where were they born, and when? 

Around 1367 BC.  He was born in Sinai. 

10. How do they feel about people in general?

He finds people annoying and boring unless they are close friends. He does not enjoy company much, and likes being alone, but is not fully an introvert or an extrovert. When he is with friends, he becomes very outgoing and cheerful.

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