So it seems that the beautiful people this month is actually about me. Not my characters. Which is kind of sad, because I don't care about me. My characters are what matter on this blog. But whatever, I will just dip into their archives later and do a character one as well. But now, to me. 

How many years have you been writing? When did you officially consider yourself a ‘writer’?
Well, I loved coming up with stories and acting them out to myself when no one was watching...forever. But the precise moment when I said to myself...hey! I should write a book....that dates to November 20th, 2013. At some point in the middle of the afternoon, I started writing the Pendant (over 50000 words!) which I have been sadly neglecting. *slap myself*. Officially....depends what you mean by "writer". 

How/why did you start writing?
I love books. Always have. I mean...some people love books, and then there's me. I adore them. I don't know if other people like to read at meals. But since I was eight years old, I have read books with breakfast and lunch. I mean, seven and half years, and I have maybe missed about ten breakfasts or lunches. That is really why I started writing. The general feeling was "If reading books gives me so much joy, what must it be like to write them?" To I started writing one. As for how...I got a pen and a notebook. 

What’s your favorite part of writing? 
Developing my characters. Working with my characters. Watching my imagination become something that I can share with others. 

What’s your biggest writing struggle?
Not being able to stay awake. Writing tends to put me to sleep. My other struggle is concentration. I often write a certain line for a character, then start thinking about that characters feelings, and thoughts and responses. Past history. Life. Everything that I invented to make that line make sense. Thirty minutes later, I have only written one sentence. But I sure know my characters. 

Do you write best at night or day?
Depends....sometimes I cant write in the day because I want to get up and move but sometimes I can. Same thing with the night. 

What does your writing space look like? (Feel free to show us pictures!)
Technically my desk would be my writing space. But I write wherever I happen to be when an idea pops into my head. I type it up at my desk though, but that doesn't count. 

How long does it typically take you to write a complete draft?
Considering that I have not yet finished a full book, I have no idea. 

How many projects do you work on at once?
Bwahahahahaha! Is that some kind of joke? I probably have close to a hundred different story-lines spinning around in my head at one time. 

Do you prefer writing happy endings, sad ones, or somewhere in between?
I like poignant endings. Whether my endings manage to convey this, I do not know. But I like to think they do. 

List a few authors who’ve influenced your writing journey.
CS Lewis
Eloise Jarvis McGraw 
GK Chesterton
Jane Austen
Emily Bronte
Louisa May Alcott
Kate Seredy
My Friends (especially them)....
Everything that happens in a writers life affects their writing in some way. Everything they read affects it as well. Every book I have ever read, and therefore all authors I have ever read have influenced my writing journey. Every tiny little encounter with every person has influenced me in some tiny little way. 

Do you let people read your writing? Why or why not?
I do, yes. I like to know what they think. And I like to have it read, because if I know someone is reading my work and waiting for more, in encourages me to work on it more. 

What’s your ultimate writing goal or dream?
To have someone read my work, and derive as much joy and happiness from it as I have had the privilege of getting from so many other books. To have someone affected positively by it. 

If you didn’t write, what would you want to do?
If I didn't write....I wouldn't be me. Figuring out what I would want to do if I didn't write, is like trying to determine what some random person on the street does in his spare time. 

Do you have a book you'd like to write one day but don’t feel you’re ready to attempt it yet? 
I don't really know. I haven't attempted some of them yet....but I feel like I could at any moment. I am probably not ready to attempt many of my stories. But I attack them with vigor anyway. I am never really ready until I am in the middle of it. Are you ever really ready to start writing?

Which story has your heart and won't let go?
All of them. They are like children. All growing up nice and slow. But they all have my heart. And I won't let go. But the Pendant is probably closest to my heart. My firstborn. 

"But enough about me. What do you think of me?"
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  1. Hahaha, I loved your answer to "how many projects do you work on at once"; I'm like that too! That's so neat you read with your meals, too, that's awesome! :D I need to start reading more. :)


    1. Thank you! I don't understand people who just have one story at once. Its like their from another world...a good world, but a completely different one. I love reading with food....and I love food. It goes together. I am so glad you enjoyed the post.


  2. Ditto to most everything you said.

    1. Considering the circumstances, that doesn't surprise me.

  3. "Well, I loved coming up with stories and acting them out to myself when no one was watching...forever." - !!! I loved doing that when I was a kid! In fact, it's become such an ingrained habit that I find it hard to envision a scene properly if I don't walk about and imagine the character's voice in my head. Walking in the park helps too.

    Interesting! I've read about seven or eight of this link-up so far, and almost everyone has said Tolkien and Lewis as their inspiration! I read Narnia when I was a kid, but I'm only just reading the Hobbit and LOTR now. It's not hard to see why those authors are so admired.

    "Bwahahahahaha! Is that some kind of joke? I probably have close to a hundred different story-lines spinning around in my head at one time." - best answer XD I also struggle to focus on one idea at a time. Though, when I do, my writing really improves. I guess I'll have to practice. I've never heard of writing putting someone to sleep before! I suffer from insomnia sometimes, but when I write I get too excited about the story to sleep. I usually stop when I start to get exhausted of writing, when my eyes get bleary and I feel irritable. That can be like 6 hours later. =o Great post! Good luck with your writing!

    1. It is irresistible isn't it?! I was once walking alone in the rain, and a romantic mood took me and formed an entire complicated story in an hour.

      They are truly the most wonderful authors. If you liked Narnia as a child, then you should read CS Lewis Space Trilogy. It is so wonderful.

      Thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed the post.