The Pendant: Another amazing thing.

The Pendant never ceases to amaze me (if I may say so myself). To begin with, I cam up with a story line involving a Pharaoh with a certain number of daughters and sons. And a certain daughter who married some lesser prince. And then, when I was searching through Egyptian history, I found a Pharaoh who met my EXACT conditions. And he was real. It was perfect.  I have rarely had to change the historical truth. Then, since that was a piece of history mentioned in the story, I need something that happened a particular number of years later, that also met certain conditions. And I found it. Amenhotep III and Tiye were real, and the story is mostly set in the actual time when they lived. Of course, Amenhotep had more than one wife. I just ignored that. And of course, Tiye had more children then I mention, but I don't say she didn't have more, I just didn't mention that she did. It is not STRICTLY and PERFECTLY historical, but its pretty darn close. A story that accidentally manages to end up being so perfect...well I had to write it. I felt like God was telling me to. Hint after hint after hint. Anyway, recently I was doing some research on my Pharaoh's, and I was looking at Amenhotep III and Tiye's children, and one of their children was Akhenaten. In the Pendant, I veer away from historical truth, and say that there is a god above all gods. Allegory. Anyway...if you have ever done and studying of Egyptian history, you will probably have heard about the Pharaoh who wanted to worship, not the sun, but whoever made the sun. His new Religion was squashed after he died, but he personally believed in one god, who made the sun and air and whatnot....well that pharaoh was Akhenaten, son of Amenhotep III and Tiye. Which is...amazing!! So if my story really happened, Tiye's son would have been, of course, influenced by all of the other characters believing in a one true god. Obviously, my story didn't happen, but its just another one of those perfect little perfect perfections that makes me feel warm and wonderful deep inside. All of it was a complete accident of course. I had no idea when I made the story.

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    1. Isn't it! It makes me feel like I am really meant to write this book. Its so encouraging.