70000 / 80000 words. 88% done!


On the 16th of February 2015, I reached 70000 words! I am so happy! My first draft of the Pendant is soooooo close to being done, I can't stop thinking about it. I am trying really hard to just plow through and WRITE, but I keep on wanting to go back to the beginning and start my second draft because the writing at the beginning is so amazingly bad and I want to change it. Its really interesting to see how my style for this book has changed, and my writing improved, in just one year. I was also glancing back at my recent writing, being this month, and I noticed how the mood changes depending on what music I listen to. I have some really poignant and dramatic stuff where I listened to Les Mis, and some really slap happy stuff where I was listening to Weird Al. There is dangerous and exciting stuff from Jurassic Park, really strange stuff from Avatar, and epic and amazing stuff from LOTR. SO I settled on LOTR, because it gives me the best mix, sad, happy, dramatic, epic, fun, slow, fast, beautiful, etc. There is also some really really really strange stuff there from when I decided to listen to Grieg while writing.....Never Ever do that...Grieg is wonderful, but not while writing. 
I was actually really amazed by how much I am affected by what I am listening to at the time. For instance, when I was listening in LOTR to the really sad music they play after the Fellowship gets out of Moria WITHOUT Gandalf, I found myself wanting to kill a character, and write a moving death scene. That music makes you feel the need to watch someone die or feel the death of someone. 
I don't know how many different drafts I will do for Pendant, hopefully not more than three. But when I write the very end of the very last draft, I am going to listen to Into the West, and I will probably just die. For those of you who are not insane like me, and don't have the entire soundtrack memorized, Into the West is the song played over the credits of Return of the King. The end of the end. Always makes me sad. Really all of the music from Return of the King makes me sad. 
But I have the Pendant plotted to the end, and it is such a wonderful feeling to know how it is going to end. 


Akani's name has been changed to Anaki, because Akani sounds too much like Ukani. Her story is too complicated to explain quickly, suffice to say that she fell in love with a good guy who turned bad. And after I plotted her out and changed her name, I realized what happened if you added an "n" at the end.....but I will leave it as is because I like it. So, say hello to Anaki. 
She is amazing. 

My current favorite characters are

The sort-of-general guy whose name is still wavering between Kemosiri (Black Panther) and Khenti (Leader). I like Kemosiri more, but Khenti's meaning is better for the character. Anyway, I call him K right now. He is fabulous. 

And the main villain who is yet un-named, but who is absolutely amazing and wonderful beyond belief. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot. 


My happy little writing records, I am very proud of these. And yes, I gave myself five dope slaps for the days I didn't write, and one smaller slap for the day I only wrote 406 words. But still, my goal was a thousand words a day, so it the end, I am two thousand words ahead of schedule, because I have only been going fifteen days, and I have written over 17000 words in that time. Its a little confusing, because I started on the 2nd, instead of the 1st. I don't know why, but I did. 


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  1. So exciting! Can't believe you have 70,000 words! That's novel length! recently moved my goal on my Arthur stories. It was 50,000, but it's 90,000 now. Which is kind of crazy. And probably too big of a goal.So I'll most likely scale it back to something "sensible" like 70,000. :D

  2. I know! Its amazing how stories grow. Pendants current goal is AT LEAST 80000, but its probably going to be 90000 in the end because I have my thousands plotted to 80, but I keep adding stuff and thinking of new ideas, and finding that I need more words to convey the next bit than I thought I would....etc etc etc.