Character Academy 1

The New Guy walked into the room. A long line of people was waiting. Waiting to meet him. He turned to a door marked "Director;Principle;Teacher...etc"
Soon the founder of the establishment would come out and introduce him to everyone. The door opened, and the heads of everyone in the room turned in that direction.

A girl walked out. She was young, probably mid-teens. No more than five feet tall. Her hair was long, and dark brown, with random streaks of pale gold running through it. She was nothing special to look at. Her legs and arms were a little long in comparison to her torso, but not noticeably. Her eyes were blue, slightly tinted with grey or possibly green. Long dark lashes. Slightly pointed nose. Freckles. Ears that were tilted unusually far back, and were slightly more pointed then he was used to seeing. Her smallness, combined with the strange proportions of her limbs, and her ears, suggested something elven about her. She reminded him of a picture he had once seen of a pixie. Add to that, her hair looked like she had been running against the wind, which was not really strange, because that was exactly what she had been doing. She was wearing jeans, and blue-grey peasant blouse. Definitely not what he had expected.
She waved at him and smiled. 
"Hi! Sorry I was late, Ron. My only excuse is that I had my nose buried in a book. Literally. I love the smell of old books. I hope you don't mind me calling you Ron, but I really don't know you very well yet. Don't try to speak, I haven't decided on your voice." 
She gestured at a chair, and he sat in it.
"Lets get started. First one up!"
The first person in the line was a girl. Her clothing looked like something out of an Ancient Egyptian novel. Her hair and eyes were black, and there were several, symmetrical scars scattered around her face, though she was still beautiful.

"This is Reniseb. She is very shy. She is timid. She is generally kind and gentle, but can often be quite heartless when she is uncomfortable or afraid. Her feelings are not easily hurt, but she is quick to believe that others hate her. She tends to think the worst of herself. She also loves making things, and is VERY protective of her handiwork, even if she thinks its terrible. By the way, you may call me Georgette."

The founder pushed the girl away gently, and a man took her place. He was nearly seven feet tall, and the effect of him towering over Georgette was comical. "This is Ukani," she said proudly, gazing up at him with obviously infatuated eyes. Weird, Ron thought to himself.

"Ukani is very very  loyal to those he loves. He has serious anger problems when loved ones are being hurt, and under those same circumstances, he would hand over the world to save his friend. He is generally a jerk. Usually drunk. When drunk he insults and berates people, but often betrays bouts of seriousness. He likes people who can insult him right back. He's amazing. Secretly, he has a very deep and poetic soul, but he tries to hide it. When he is drunk he loses control, and it often comes out to the top. His most peculiar weakness is a strange adoration of very small children. He loves them. I would love to say more, but there are a lot of people in line, and time is limited." 
She shook Ukani's hand, and he scowled angrily at her. The girl behind him kicked him and he went away. The next girl was of an average height, with thick, black-brown curls. She had blue eyes, and a distinctly Grecian nose. She rolled her eyes angrily and glared at Georgette.

"This is Tess, I mean Tseskos. She had a hard and painful life up to age ten or thirteen (she doesn't like to talk about it, so we aren't quite clear on it yet.) and when she was purchased to be raised as a daughter by a wealthy family, she decided that no matter what else happened, SHE was going to enjoy life. So she cares very little for other people's opinions, and she enjoys herself despite them. She has a weak spot for friends though, and really tries to sacrifice herself for them when needed. She often ends up being rather selfish and heartless and hurts people's feelings, but over the years of Reniseb's gentle influence, she has become much more bearable. She was quite insufferable as a child. She has lived around here for quite a while, but was only recently admitted into the 'Academy Proper' as it were. She tends to laugh a lot, and doesn't try to control it. Also has a strange disregard for old traditions in general." 
Georgette turned away from Tseskos and faced Ron. 
"As you may have noticed, she is very angry about being dragged in here to meet you, and she and Ukani will probably try to make your life miserable for the first month of your time here at the Academy, should you be admitted, but if you can make friends with Reniseb, you will be fine. Also, Ukani is generally quite reasonable, but when he is in a bad mood, he is dangerous, and we sometimes have to lock him up alone." 
Here she turned back to Tseskos again. 
"Alright, that's enough of you. Scat."

Tseskos looked as though she would rather murder the younger girl, but thought better of it at the last moment, and glided off with her nose in the air.
The next man in line looked remarkably like Ukani, only smaller, and not nearly as kind. His features were sharp, and  looked as though you could cut yourself by touching him. 

"This is Nefru. He loves the power of being in charge, and gets unreasonably angry when that authority is even slightly questioned. He is VERY slow to forgive. Really, he never really does. He tends to remember things long after with anger and bitterness, and though he says "forgive and forget" he never lets anyone else forget. He has real affection for some people, but is far more concerned with his country. And by country I mean, the actual soil pretty much. He would rather a thousand people he loved die, than lose a single grain of Egyptian land to his enemies. He is generally disliked, but has the ability to charm when necessary. He is completely merciless, and for some reason, people outside of this establishment like him. Though he has changed somewhat, and I have explained it more to them, and I think they are beginning to understand." 
The man gave Georgette a weird look, and went away in the direction Ukani and Tseskos had gone.
"Next!" the girl's voice rang out, and another man stepped forward sulkily, looking warily around him. He looked frightened, almost.
"This is Sipthah. He is a spineless worm. And a traitor. Go away Sipthah."

The man went, seeming relieved that he did not have to stay any longer. Next was a tall-ish man, decidedly ugly, with strange, angular features that didn't match up or compliment each other in any way. He was smiling and he looked good-natured and amiable. Ron liked him at once.
"This is Sefkh," the affection in the girl's voice was unmistakable. "Sefkh is often sarcastic and teasing, but he is much better at being nice. He is brave and kind. He is a total gentleman. Protective. Amiable. Sweet. He tries never to hurt anyone's feelings. He is comforting and gentle. Strong. He is very polite. He likes to make weird expressions with his wonderfully ugly face, and he snorts when he laughs. And he laughs a lot."

She stood up on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek, and he bent down to do the same. Then he followed after Nefru. The next person in line was a woman this time. Stunningly gorgeous. Ron had never seen anything as beautiful anywhere. Her skin was soft and dark. She was small, with soft, gentle curves. Dark eyes. Dark hair. Perfectly proportioned. The girls eyes were filled with tears that never seemed to fall.

"This is Anaki. She is gentle and good. Soft spoken. Not shy exactly, but reserved. Her life is a miserable and tragic story, and she lives it calmly. Taking pain and suffering as it comes to her, and not complaining. She is, officially, the most beautiful woman in the world, and she fell in love with a miserable wretch who could not even see her. And he loved her in return. So much so, that even when he became evil and hateful and horrible, he still loved her and never willingly hurt her. And now she has to leave or I will break down and we will have to cancel introductions." 
Anaki hugged Georgette affectionately, and walked away.  
"In fact," she girl said, brushing away her tears, "I can't do anyone else in that class right now. I'm sorry, Ron, I just can't, you will have to meet them later. Next class."

A large group of people broke away and left, looking a little disappointed.
Another girl walked up. She had a soft cloud of wispy, nut-brown hair. Her face was gentle and rounded. Everything about her was soft and rounded, really. She was dressed in medieval looking clothing....for a peasant and a guy. Ragged leggings. Torn, brown tunic. She had two knives tucked into her belt.

"This is Arianna. Despite how sweet and nice she looks, she has a fiery temper, and a very witty tongue. He mind works quickly and efficiently. She is rarely confused or muddled. She is not so much kind, as merciful and just. Never harming any who do not deserve it, and giving shelter to those who need it. She loves in a very protective way, but generally is not openly affectionate. Exceedingly practical." 
Georgette beamed on the girl, seeming to have recovered from her tears very well. The girl gave her a graceful nod, and walked away. A man took her place. Average height, perhaps a little more. Dark, wavy hair. In stark contrast to Arianna, he was all angles and points. Handsome, to be sure, but a pointy way. A five o'clock shadow adorned his face. He was dressed in pretty much the same thing as Arianna, though he sported high, leather boots, and no knives or weaponry of any kind.

"This is Jakob. He is kind and affectionate. Often serious, more often joking. He is very understanding. Persistent. Often annoying. He has caused me very little trouble, and oh heavens, look at the time. I really have to hurry. Skip to Castor."

Four people left, an older man, an old lady, and a girl and a boy, not much older than Georgette herself, who were jostling each other playfully as they walked.
Castor was a strikingly good looking, but his mouth had a cruel, sarcastic twist to it. His hair was the color of bronze, and his stature was "lean and mean." He seemed to be made only of hard muscles. He had long clever fingers. And one hand rested apprehensively on the pommel of the sword at his side.

"This is Castor. One of my favorite villains. He enjoys jokes and wit. He is very evil. He is fascinated with how human beings react to torture, though he would never harm an animal. He doesn't particularly enjoy seeing people suffer, but it doesn't bother him, and if it helps him in any way, than he is completely merciless. He isn't conniving. He isn't a liar. He is evil, and proud of it. He never tries to hide behind false pretenses. And he doesn't lie to people to get them to do things, he just finds out what he has to do to get what he wants, and he does it. He has no problem with manual labor for himself, if he will get what he needs from it. He doesn't lie to himself and say that he is justified in killing people for a higher cause. He knows it isn't right, and he does it anyway, because he doesn't care." 
The man smiled and offered his hand, but when she did not take it, he nodded and meandered away. She said something like "next class" again, and several more people left without being introduced.

"Oh, and Ron....maybe I could call you sounds better. Anyway, Jack, I will take you to meet the small people later. They are only in the first grade, and have tiny parts in this place. For now, I am going to skip to my last two main people. This is Ben. His real name is Matt, but he is Ben. He is really nice. He is funny. Joking. Sarcastic. Practical. Romantic. Fun loving."

Ben/Matt was tall-ish and lank, with dark brown hair. He was the first person Ron/Jack had seen wearing normal clothing. It was comforting to see him somehow. Georgette shooed him away, and he went. The last person in line was a short, curvy brunette.  Something about her face was familiar, and Jack realized that her ears were exactly the same as Georgette's. Her hair was longer and thicker, but the same color as Georgette's. Maybe a little more gold, but not much. Her nose was the same nose. And her eyes the same blue. Her mouth was more rounded, but the color of her lips, and the general shape was the same. When she smiled, it was the same smile. This place is full of weirdness. Jack thought absently, before remembering that while he was in here, Georgette could read his mind.

"Oh yes, Jack. This place is all in my head, and it has much much much more weirdness inside of it then I am showing you now. You know I really think Martin would work better for you. Anyway, back to topic. This is Rose. Sarcasm is Rose's second language...more like her first actually. She made annoyed and grumpy sarcastic faces as a baby, before she could speak English. She is fairly witty. Fun loving. Can be very serious when the need arises, but generally isn't. She is weird when she is tired. And by weird I mean grumpy, giddy.....and slightly flirtatious. You will notice she has disobeyed my orders to wait until I am done, and gone off to chat with Ben. This is because Rose is Rose. She is always getting out of hand. She refuses to stick to the orders I give her. And just when I get her under control, and think I understand her, she grabs a train and comes back full of different ideas and whatnot. Its very annoying. Rose is very annoying. Very. But I love her. We are actually really good friends, and though you see her pointing and giggling, she is actually not pointing at as, she is pointing to a picture above and behind you. Its a recent addition. And now you must come and see the train station. Oh wait. Rose!"

The girl punched Ben's shoulder and came back over. She walked quickly and lightly, bouncing a little as she moved.
It was the first time he had heard anyone speak. Rose' voice was a lower pitched version of Georgette's. The two could have been sisters. Probably were.

"I forgot to tell everyone, so you have to do it. This is Ron, Jack, or Martin, and he is going to try out this establishment for a while, to see how he fits in. I am not sure yet if he is shy or outgoing. But right now I think he is shy, so be nice." 
Georgette spoke quickly, and she sounded rushed. She glanced at her watch, and Martin noticed noticed that she was leaning forward, like a bird about to take off and fly.
Rose smiled at him. 
"You may now imagine a beautiful halo above my head. I am the queen of kindness. It shall go something like this." She held out her hand and assumed the pose of a very dramatic orator.
"Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! This is Ron, Jack or Martin and he - "

"Rose! Ben come over here and control her! I think you should introduce Martin instead."
Ben laughed and grabbed Rose's arm.

"Give me liberty or give me death, O large one." Was the annoyed response to his action.

"Don't tempt me, Rose."

At this point, Rose had a small fit of laughter. Apologized for her weirdness, and explained that she had just been reading Shakespeare. She became quite composed and serious, and offered to show Martin around later. She then looped her arm through Ben's, and the two on them walked out of the room. Just before the door closed, there was an explosion of laughter from Ben.
Georgette smiled guiltily.
"She is a little bit overwhelming, I know. But she can be quite serious when you need her to be," she laughed nervously, "I think."
And then Martin was being hurried away through another door to see the train station. He was beginning to be almost afraid of being in this place, but somehow he knew he would enjoy it. At the train station, and beautifully ordered chaos awaited him...

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