20 Things I love About Writing + A Bonus Thing

I feel the need to preface this by defining what I mean by 'writing' in this post at least. By writing I mean not just the physical pen on paper, but the whole creation of a novel and everything else you ever write, all the research and joy and frustration that went into it. Every little moment spent staring at the notebook or computer screen. Every notch in my pencil where I chewed on it while I thought. Every little twirl of the pen in my fingers as I stare idly at it, wondering what ever made me think I could write a book. Each laugh and each scream of anger. Every time I threw the notebook away and then picked it back up. Every moment that I spent staring off into the distance during other things, in a world of my own, thinking of other places and other people, and completely forgetting whatever I was actually supposed to be doing. Every lonely walk through a field, wishing, thinking and hoping. Every secret giggle between friends over some possible scene. Every long rant about it. Every absurd tea party where I sat and read my work aloud, and handed a little piece of my heart over to my friends to be lovingly examined. Every time I talk about it with a friend, late into the night, until we are drunk on lack of sleep. And most of all, for me, each and every friend who was there with me through every moment, and let me yell at them about it.
For me, when I write, my words don't make a story, it is my story that makes the words. My life and my experiences.

1. That amazing feeling when you look at a sentence or two that you have written, and realize that it is truly good, and you can be proud of it for a reason. I know EXACTLY how God felt when he made the world and saw that it was good. 

2. When you suddenly find out something about a character of yours that you never knew. That sweet moment when you are happily thinking about this or that, and suddenly, you KNOW a little something that you didn't know before. 

3. When you are walking on your own, and suddenly, from out of nowhere, words begin to come out of your mouth, and you find you find yourself moving, and putting facial expression with your words, and changing your voice as different characters speak from you. And then when you recover and return to the real world, you have a scene, ready made, if you can just remember it. 

4. When you are doing something completely unrelated to your book, and then a whole idea for a scene just slips into your mind and asks to be written down without delay. 

5. When you have a dream, a real night time dream, where you are in the world of your book, and you are interacting with your characters. Maybe even being one of them. (Note: This has only happened to me 2.5 times. 

6. When you finally decipher the amazingly horrible and unintelligible scribbles in your notebook, and edit them a little and type them up and look at them on the screen, clear and clean.

7. When you are digging through old things, and you randomly find a story or scene that you don't remember writing, and you unscramble the handwriting that makes your CURRENT script look amazing, and read you little story. 

8. When someone is reading part of your story because you made them do it, and they ask for more. 

9. When an insane and impossible jumble just fits itself together like a puzzle, and suddenly you see exactly what is going to happen in the next couple of chapters. 

10. Thumbing back through pages and pages of close set scribbles, in varying degrees of horribleness, written in different pens and sometimes pencils, even that one note your wrote with a highlighter because nothing else presented itself.

11. When completely unconnected things suddenly connect. 

12. When you make a scene, in which something that you have hated in other books, is done the way you always wished it had been done.

13. When you talk to other people who never write, and realize that all this torture you willingly inflict on yourself for some reason, is actually a very amazing and creative thing, and not just that horrible pile of misshaped words that you thought it was. 

14. When people give you criticism that really makes you think and see your mistakes, and most of all, know what to do to make it right. 

15. When you create a conflict that is REAL, and not just there because you needed a conflict. A conflict where your readers are likely to be as torn as the characters. 

16. When your hero touches your heroine, and stupid cliche shivers DON'T run up and down her skin. 

17. When you are able to write about something that you not only understand, but have experienced first-hand. 

18. The state of complete and utter "ignoring-of-the-rest-of-the-universe" that often comes with in depth writing. 

19. When you sit down to write and the words just flow from your fingers, seemingly without thought, like they have been there all along, just waiting for the pen to touch down. 

20. When you put secret love notes and inside jokes in your books for your friends, that you can giggle over years and years later. 

Recently-ish, I attended two performances of a radio drama Alice in Wonderland, and I have seen both the book-accurate version, and the insanely weird version of the movie. In all of them, the famous question is asked, but never do I recall it being answered. How IS a raven like a writing desk??
It bothered me that it wasn't answered, so I thought about it, and came up with what I would call the probably-wrong answer. But since there is no right answer that I have found, I figured that what I came up with was close enough.
Q: how is a raven like a writing desk?
A: they both have quills. OR they both have feathers
Explanation: Why bother, its obvious. A writing desk is sure to have quill/feather pens to write with, and obviously a raven, being a bird, would have that too. And, they can both produce little notes, which are quite flat. And (this is a bit of a stretch) they both have an inky blackness. Feather colour, and ink. 

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