A Post About Random Things

This is what I do when its raining. I'm not joking.
My Latest Randomness.

1: The Red Book
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I made a blog to vent my LOTR insanity into....then I discovered friends and walls. Walls are amazing. When you are angry, you can hit them, and they forgive you. And you can talk to them for hours. And they never leave or change or do anything unexpected. Anyway, I looked at The Red Book again recently, and discovered, if I may say so myself, that it is actually quite interesting. I intend to actually start posting more regularly on that...'more regularly' as opposed to never...*bites lip and looks innocently off into the distance*
Which means I might actually remember to post on this blog as well.....maybe.
There are supposed to be Pendant snippets forethcoming...but second drafts has me staring at a computer screen or notebook, and drawing a complete blank as far as words or anything at all to say go. But you don't want to hear about that. The point is, someday soon, I might, just maybe, actually, once in a blue moon, possibly, in a manner of speaking, post something slightly resembling a snippet from the Pendant. 

2: A Day In The Life Of Me
A blog that I designed for a friend. Personally, I don't like such a 'fun' style, but if you go in for that sort of thing, more power to you. So, my friend has a blog, I played with HTML and had fun, everyone is happy. You should check that out.

3: In Shadowed Realms
Have you ever heard a name quite that cheesy? Yes...of course you have, but thats not the point. The point is....nevermind about the point. In Shadowed Realms is my latest collection of weirdness, complete with a bunch of missing stuff. I am contemplating adding sharing buttons...but I don't really want to. I don't know...
If you want my opinion, which you don't, I think that the Red Book is MUCH better. But I am totally biased.
It was my first attempt at using photo textures for words instead of a solid color...and while I don't really care for that particular gold, I like how it turned out. Ignore the random tree branch, I don't know why I did that. I would take it out, but I am too lazy. SR is truely the strangest of my template blogs.

ALSO, there will soon be a review of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" in which Smaug desolates...absolutely nothing. The elf-dwarf love triangle begins. The giant golden santa claus melts like chocolate. People attempt to harm a dragon with heat. An elf's eyes change color. Three stunning look alikes are revealed....and MUCH MUCH more. 

Within the next few days, expect the aforementioned review. Rated PG-13 for exsessive sarcasm and ranting. Please keep in mind that the word "review" is not very carefully defined. The level of anger towards Mr. Jackson may excede expectations. 
It is reccomended that you approach the soon to be public review with a full stomach, plenty of rest, and a clear head. Clearing the hour following the reading of the review is also reccomended, as it may cause high levels of anger and the sarcasm may cause your brain to melt.
Other than that, enjoy.

It is really that bad, I just like saying all that stuff....

just kidding

now you will not be able to tell if I am telling the truth

if today is an opposite day I would say, today isn't an opposite day. Which would be opposite for today is.

If it wasn't an opposite day, I would say, today isn't an opposite day. Which you understand. 
But you would never be able to tell.
Or maybe, today IS an opposite day, and everything I just said was wrong, in which case, what does this sentence mean? Now I am confused. Not. YAAAGH!!!!

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