OK! How many times can I say sorry? Deal with it. There is just so much awful stuff in that movie, its taking my longer than I thought to get it all down.
So to pass the time, I shall send forth this post upon the world...because I can.
Truly, that is the best reason ever "because I can". Love it. 
I have actually been writing lately (surprise surprise) and I have actually finished the first three chapters of second drafts. So that is coming along nicely. Though I have to say, the Pendant is SOOOOOO different. I don't feel like I am working on second drafts, I feel like I am working on first drafts of a completely different book. EVERYONE'S personalities changed. The progression and character development are different. The story line is different. Basically, all that is the same are the names, the Pendant, and the fact that it is in Ancient Egypt. Crazy. But I really like how it is coming out. I find it amusing and annoying that I am over ten thousand words in, and I haven't used a single sentence from first drafts. 
All that said, I have decided to post some snippets from it, because they make me happy. 
So here goes:

"Wishing I was somewhere else, and that Tseskos and Ukani were anywhere other than wherever somewhere else was."
I just love this sentence. I like that Reniseb talks like that quite often and it both amuses and confuses Ukani. I mean, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I love Reniseb. One of my friends said of her "She is one of the stupidest smart people I've ever met."

"Death seemed to carry with it always an awful silence that could not be filled. The silence of a grave. The silence of a life ended. The silence of a voice that would never speak again. The stillness of a heart that had ceased to beat, of blood that no longer flowed. The emptiness of a place that would not be filled. The pain of a touch that would be felt no more."
This is probably my all-time favorite sentence from the Pendant. I mean, I did just write it today, so I can hardly judge yet, but still....Reniseb is weirdly insightful, it makes me laugh. 

"There is a certain vanity in self-hate, Reniseb."
Ukani says this to Reniseb when she is going on and on about how weak and stupid and horrible she is. I like it because it is so very true. 

"I must admit, I feel absolutely no urge to protect you. Does that make me a bad person?"
Another from Ukani. I just like it because....mostly because I like everything about Ukani.

"And so a young man took leave of a little girl, and she kissed him on the cheek like the good sister she was, and he rode away. And she waited for him. Everyday, she climbed the garden wall, and found her way to the docks to see if a boat had brought him home. She never spoke to anyone, because she was afraid, but she was faithful and she kept her watch. 
But my brother never came back. A misguided arrow had buried itself in the person I loved most. The twang of a bowstring, and everything was over, just like that."
I don't even know why I like this so much. I just do. Originally, Yahmose had a very dramatic death, but I went for a more realistic vibe, and I like that all it took was one person who accidentally shot an arrow the wrong way. A tiny accident that could never have been anticipated, and a human life is just gone.

"Tseskos emitted a very elegant snort."
Do I even need to explain?

"Your mind seems reluctant to remain in this world..."
I just like it. 

"Tseskos suddenly let loose a garbled shout of laughter, rendered frightening by the attempt to hold it in check. I bounced in surprise and almost fell out of my chair."
I love the 'rendered frightening' part. And the fact that Reniseb almost fell out of her chair. I mostly just love this little bit.

" 'I was already off balance from running into him, and I actually fell into his arms, which I would like to think were held up to catch my, but were more likely held out instinctively to ward me off.' "
Oh Tseskos! You are so ridiculous. 

"Tiye's inevitable response upon seeing me, was to arrange to go on seeing me as long as possible."
Tiye is adorable. 

"...I have no wish to reside in this thrice accursed place any longer. If anyone wants me, they can throw themselves to the crocodiles."
You really do have to love Ukani when he is in a bad mood like that.

"The meeting with Ukani and Nefru was a disaster from my point of view. A success from Tiye's point of view. And an amusing event that was not to be missed, from Tseskos point of view. Ukani had seemed to agree with Tseskos, and Nefru with me. What Amenhotep had thought of it, I could not say."
I just love that whole scene.

"Perhaps her greatest failing is her inability to understand that living only for herself is going to make living at all, undesirable."
Spoken by Reniseb, of Tseskos.

"A single tear slid down my cheek, and for once I did not feel that it was my body being weak. It was real. All my sorrow and pain, somehow condensed into a single drop of water. 
I had never before realized how beautiful the sky was. Shining stars scattered upon the dark blue. Stretching all around in a huge immeasurable dome as far as I could see. Limitless. Unbroken by any cloud. Free of any pain. Pure and flawless, adorned by stars innumerable."
This to be read while listening to this piece of music: 

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