The 30 Day LOTR Challenge: Day 4

Favorite Scene:
Oh my this is impossible. There is no way to pick a favorite scene from the book, so I will have to break up the movies and try that.
In Fellowship: Boromir's death scene. So beautiful. So sad. Gets me every time. And Aragorn's single tear at the end! AH!

The Two Towers: Probably when Aragorn and Theoden ride out from Helm's Deep, and then Gandalf arrives with Eomer, and pure awesomeness happens. Sometimes I kind of forget about the Two Towers, because it just merges into the rest of the story, having no definite beginning or ending.

The Return of the King: The Ride of the Rohirrim, of course. I shiver when I see it, and I have Theoden's speech (Actually from the book BTW, all the best things are) memorized. Its so....majestic.

Of course, this scene also ranks pretty high up. Theoden and Aragorn give amazingly inspiring pre-battle talks. They make me want to go fight evil.

And I like the scene on Mount Doom where Frodo and Sam are talking about the shire, and frodo is being depressing, and right before, that beautiful music plays, in connection with the battle at the Black Gates and everything is so beautiful and heroic and majestic and NOT melodramatic, and even though I know exactly what happens and I know the ending, I still feel that fear at every moment that they are going to die. 
And I like it when Aragorn sings at his coronation. Viggo has an amazing voice. And I like the Grey Haven's even though its painful.

It's SO not fair to do a "Favorite ____ in Middle-Earth"...its SO hard to pick. No, its impossible to pick.

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