The 30 Day LOTR Challenge: Day 1

I have always meant to get around to doing this someday. I mean, I AM ME, how could something like this NOT be on my to-do list?
Of course, I don't really have thirty days to spend posting about this, though I could ramble about some of my "favs" for decades if you would let me. Do I hear a voice saying "What? are you saying that you are not willing to give thirty days to the thing you love most in the world?"
Yes, I do hear a voice saying that. Well the reason (on of the reasons anyway) that I don't have those thirty days, is that I am busy READING THE BOOK. But that's not all, I will have you know that the book I am reading, IS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!! 
Yep, the most indecisive human being in the world finally purchased the long desired object. I am kind of scared to touch it, and I never take it out of my room to read, which means that I am very slow. The other day I took it with me to my twin's house to show her, and I had trouble breathing until it was safe home in my bookshelf, surrounded by its siblings. Or, I suppose that breathlessness could have been a result of the excessive dancing. (*My feet STILL hurt, twin. I blame it on your evil floor*) Anyways I would never, in my wildest dreams want to, I dunno, overwhelm you with stuff? So even though I already answered ALL the questions (well, almost all) I will be nice and schedule them all to go out every day for thirty days...instead of attacking the world all in one post. Okay, enough chatter. Time to begin. 

Favorite Book:
I presume that I have to chose from among Tolkien's works. Oh my, SO let me think. Which could it possibly be? I wonder...could it be? 
Obviously, the answer is THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Specifically, my new copy of THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
How many times can I say that I love that book???

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