This will NOT blow your mind, but it will make you frown in confusion, possibly scream, and say "weird".

Yes yes yes yes, I know I said that the next one would be the review. I am sorry. The review post IS scheduled to come out June 30. If  I finish it before then, I will post it earlier, if not, blogger will post it in whatever condition it is in. I promise. You will get it. 
So, today, awesomeness happened. Awesome and creepy. 
Here 'tis. 

JRR Tolkien died in the year 1973. 

Reverse the numbers, and you get 3791.

Begin to see the magic?

3 rings for the elven kings under the sky
7 for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone
9 for mortal men, doomed to die
1 for the dark lord, on his dark throne etc.



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  1. I didn't frown in confusion. It actually did kind of blow my mind.