Breaking News! Writers Block: NOT a myth

I always just sort of assumed the "writers block" was a myth. That you could always think of SOMETHING to blemish the page. But then I found myself staring at a blank notebook page, and a blank Scrivener page. And not a single word could I pull from my useless brain. So I babbled at a friend, and she gave me a sentence to start with, and I tried following off of that, but in the end I deleted it because I couldn't think what came after, and it didn't work with the story by itself.

Its the weirdest feeling. 
And here I am, writing away at this post....but the Pendant remains unchanged. Its driving me nuts. 
Writers block is usually thought of as something blocking the flow of your imagination or mind.....but really, its just when your head is replaced by a large block of lead. And I just sit there, my fingers drumming impatiently at the keyboard, but there is nothing for them to write. Nothing at all. 
Its almost funny, except its horrible. 

Eventually, it has to end. Something like this cannot go on forever. Can it?
It had better not. Because I love writing. I love my book. I love my characters. And I hate my stupid, useless brain. 

Why can I write a blog post, but not a single word in my book? Its hardly fair. Its cruel. Cruel. Cruel. Cruel. 

Rest? Take a break from writing? No. I don't want to. I WANT to write. Its what I do. I can't just...stop.

What is the point of being able to write fast or type at 65wpm, if you cannot think of anything to write? Its like if you somehow, suddenly couldn't eat.

And its not just the Pendant either. Its every single one of my stories. Why is it that people say "all good things have an end" and bad things don't always?  I mean, obviously ALL good things don't have to come to an end, at least I hope not. 

So, here's hoping that it goes away soon!

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  1. It does. Eventually. I'll give you some more prompts. Just keep trying.