I'm FREE!!!!!

Yes. Writers block finally passed. I'm so happy. I just sat down to try again (thanks to the awesome nagging of a friend) and a thousand words came out. Just like that *snaps fingers*.

You know that feeling when you are having a super realistic dream that you have done something wrong, or messed something up. Or ruined something. Or forgotten to go somewhere. Or arrived at a dance and realized that you had forgotten your dress. Or a party you had been looking forward to went horribly wrong etc., and then you wake up, and you realize that it was all a dream. The glorious feeling of relief. That's what I feel like.
I should mention that I actually did go to a dance, and I DID forget my dress. But for most people, that sort of thing is an unpleasant dream.

So hopefully there should be some actual, dare I say it, PROGRESS soon.
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  1. You ought to tell them that you did get the dress and didn't have to dance in your slip or in a t-shirt.