Well, here I am again with a post full of little things I like from The Pendant. Do enjoy.

“You said you wanted to speak with me…but I am afraid that I did not understand that what you actually wanted to do was stare at me. Flattering I admit, but disconcerting as well. I mean, if you really find me that attractive, you can stare all you want, its just that there is somewhere I need to be fairly soon.”
Oh Ukani. I should point out that Reniseb was thinking about something else and forgot he was there.

I guess that I had never quite realized before that everyone around me was really only brought there by my father and Rashidi, to protect me. Ukani was the only one who didn’t seem to have received that message, which is perhaps why he always stood out from the others... 
News Flash, pretty much everyone in your life is there for your comfort and protection. When I first wrote this, I thought that it was too weird that she hadn't noticed it before, but then I realized that if I created this entire thing, and I didn't notice it before, its okay that Reniseb didn't.

TSESKOS: "...As for Rashidi, he hurried out the gate a few minutes ago, looking very purposeful and annoyed. He said he was off to find a ‘miserable wretch’. What do you want with him anyway?”
RENISEB: “Miserable wretch?”
TSESKOS: “The most miserable of them all no doubt. Come with me to the kitchens, I am simply starving. And do remove that horrid, worrisome look from your face. I am sure this ‘wretch of misery’ will be fine.”  
Tseskos is adorable. I am happy for the man that gets her, but I pity him a little. There have been rumors that Sefkh and Tseskos should end up together, but why must people "end up" together. No truth. They are not going to get together. Tseskos doesn't like people. And Sefkh is in love with a dead girl. End of story.

“What are you doing here?” Ukani asked glaring at Rashidi in surprise.
“What are you doing here is more to the point.”
“What is anyone doing in Reniseb’s room in the middle of the night?” Was Tseskos contribution to the confusion.
Rashidi fairly launched himself at Ukani, and somehow I found myself between them. “Rashidi! Leave him alone.”
Aw! A tiny shrimp is protecting a six foot six guy. How sweet.

Ukani grinned. “What guards?”
 “The ones stationed across the hall.”
“There are guards in the room across the hall?” Tseskos asked, eying the door behind her suspiciously.
Nefru turned to Ukani “You didn’t say anything about that.”
“I didn’t  know about that.”
This was news to me as well. “You keep a night watch on my room?” I asked. 
There is something I like about scenes where everyone is confused. But really I just like that moment when Reniseb goes "Wait, you keep guards on my room?"

“It was  better for you not to know,” said Rashidi.
“If you had known you would have been uncomfortable.”
“I’m uncomfortable now.”
“So am I,” Ukani said cheerfully, “mind if I sit down?”
He sat down on my bed without waiting for an answer.
“Get up,” Nefru said angrily.
“No, dear brother. This is a very amusing turn of events, and I intend to enjoy it.”
“I don’t find this amusing,” was the cold reply.
“Well I do. In just a moment here, young Sipthah is going to have a very interesting encounter with the two guards in that other room, and there is a distinct possibility of him making a sound which I don’t want to miss. Just think, if he screams, I can use my knowledge of the event to make him do almost anything. Handsome young man like that? He’ll do anything to preserve his pride and reputation.” 
No Comment.

“After this meeting, I will stay here for a very long time. I promise.”
“I do not accept your promise and I do not hold you to it. You would never have been content to stay here forever, and you never will be.”  Rashidi kissed my forehead and left. 
I love Rashidi.

I was asleep when Ukani came, and woke me up by shoving me off the bed. I was awake the moment he touched me, and had time to partially break protect myself before I landed.
I stood up nursing my throbbing arm and rubbing my side. Ukani actually looked apologetic.
“Rashidi will probably tear me limb from limb. I was just going to shake you…and you were lighter than I expected. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
I told you he was secretly sweet. Sort of.

Ukani did not offer to help me dismount, and I tried to fall of in a manner that suggested I knew what I was doing. 
Hey! At least he helped her mount in the first place.

“Ah! Daughter of Tchay. I think you know most of these men, but allow me to introduce Anhur,” pointing to the well-fed man, “and this is Khenti, or as his men called him, Kemnebi.” He pointed to the other man.
“Kemnebi? Isn’t that -”
“Yes,” Ukani said smiling, “he’s Pharaoh’s general. I don’t know why Nefru is being so mysterious about everything. Mendes is our nephew. Anhur is our foster-father. Heri was a close friend of our real father. Sipthah is a strangely talented murderer we found. And you are the daughter of a lord. I don’t see why any of this should be kept secret.”
“It doesn’t exactly have any chance too now,” said Kemnebi coldly. 
Nefru likes to take a long time saying everything, and be laborious and boring about it. He thinks it makes him sound more in control. Ukani doesn't like this, and he likes to bother Nefru. I also like Ukani's version of introducing Sipthah as "a strangely talented murderer we found." I don't know why, but I like that bit.

“Well Ukani! That was quite a story,” said Kemnebi, “is it at all possible that you have not been drinking this morning?”
Ukani glared at him. “No.” 
Kemnebi is very amusing. He is Pharaoh's general,  and his real name is Khenti, which means Leader, but his men call him Kemnebi, which means Black Panther. I have noticed in a lot of name meanings that it is not entirely clear if the person with the name came before or after the meaning. A lot of Pharaoh's were given names meaning leader of Egypt or noble one or stuff like that, BEFORE they were Pharaoh's, leading one to believe that the meanings were given to their names later on.

As far as we know, they hired some other man to spy at the palace, and when he was caught and tortured, he told them where they could find his employer. 

“That, Kemnebi, is where you and Nefru differ.You speak of a noble and willing gift of one life, for thousands of others. Nefru speaks of disregarding all life, for a handful of sand. You begin see the difference?”
In which Ukani dispels the view that Nefru's stupid obsessive loyalty to the COUNTRY of Egypt, and not the PEOPLE, is noble somehow.
I think that concludes the ceremonies for today.

The Pendant: Second Drafts

21000 / 90000 words. 23% done!

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