10 Things To Know About Long Hair

See this picture, that is what the dream of long hair looks like. Since the wind is blowing that way, it figures that her hair would stream out in that direction doesn't it? Wrong. Hair DOES follow the wind, but it prefers to go over your face first. More like this:
Or This
This is what my hair does. Except my hair is twice as long as that, and much more wispy and tangled.

Before growing out that lovely hair of yours, here are a few things you did not want to know. Hopefully they will not convince you to keep your short hair. And if you already have long hair, know that you are not alone with your problems.

  1. If you have braces, your hair WILL get caught in them. There is no escaping it, unless you keep it back ALL the time. Not all the time, and not that frequently, but it will happen several times in the course of your braces.
  2. Do not ever, under any circumstances go outside on a breezy day with your hair down, and dangly earrings. This generally works in movies, but everyone knows that movie hair is not to be trust.
  3. If your hair is the type that needs to be pushed back often, do not wear beaded bracelets. And just by the way, it will probably be in your face a lot.
  4. You know all those pretty, decorative bobby pins? The really nice ones with the wire swirls and the little jewels on them? Don't use those. Even if you slide one in, and then take it out instantly, it will still managed to have caught itself in your hair. Its also very painful to try to pull them out. Same thing with those hair ties that have little beads and flowers on them.
  5. Do not use the hose on a vacuum cleaner, while your hair is down.
  6. Do you now have long hair? Congratulations, curling with a curling iron will now take you approximately eight years, and your arms will not be functional for a few minutes afterwards. 
  7. Not even bobby pins will save you from the wind now. The best thing is a nice, sensible braid.
  8. Remember when you cut that hair in the front shorter, so that everything would look nicer? Have you noticed how no matter how long those shorter strands get, the refuse to stay in your french braid for very long? Don't worry, that does go away after about nine years. Its best to never cut them, or keep them cut short so that they come out of your braid in a cute and fashionable manner. 
  9. Brushing and washing your hair is now a full time job that will somehow swallow up that beautiful morning you hoped you'd have when you woke up at six. 
  10. As odd as it sounds, do watch out when you are using the toilet. Hair takes a perverse pleasure in making life difficult for you, especially in the bathroom.

As unnerving as all that may be, long hair is totally worth it. You will probably regret it every summer, and every time you try to walk in a forest, and every time you want to have a snowball fight. But its still worth it. Somehow, its always worth it. And also remember, that when you are sitting around with a bunch of other people thinking about how pretty their hair is, and how awful yours looks at the moment, the other girls in the room are probably oohing and ahing over your hair, thinking about how terrible theirs looks.

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  1. This made me laugh. I basically identified with all of that, especially 2, 6 and 8. :) You did forget to mention that the prettiest hair pins also are usually useless for holding back your hair or aiding in keeping it up. And even a nice sensible braid refuses to keep it all in.

    1. Also true! It occurred to me that this might make people want to keep their hair short, but they have a right to know all the gruesome details.

  2. I appreciate this post about long hair. I really like long hair, though it is quite annoying sometimes. But I agree with you, it is worth it.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it! It seems like even if you didn't already ADORE the long hair, once you go through the trouble of growing it out, you are sort of obligated to like it :D
      But I really just love long hair.