Star Wars: The Force Awakens (what I thought of it, of course) NO SPOILERS

Whoa, there is this orange button marked, new post. It is familiar in some way, like a distant dream only half remembered. Sometimes I forget I have a blog, and other times I remember and feel that I should post, and then feel guilty because I don't. But in a way, this blog is me in digital form, and it wouldn't be me if it was at all regular or sensible. When there are no posts, it's me procrastinating or being forgetful, and when there are posts, it's me being silly. I promise, I am slightly more attentive to real life than to this blog. Slightly. 
There are so many things I COULD be doing at a given time, that its overwhelming and I end up scribbling in a notebook with my dog's head on my knee. Wait, I just realized that I have not mentioned my dog before on this blog. How can this be! He's been around for nine years, and he sleeps in my bed and is much like me in many ways. He's a miniature schnauzer with a short tail and floppy ears. And he's grumpy and ornery and eccentric and confused and silly and lovable and wonderful and adorable and soft and fluffy and old and sleepy and energetic (occasionally). 
He is actually sitting next to me right now. 

Basically, I was not impressed by how good it was, as it wasn't impressively good. But I was impressed by how not horrible it was. I distinctly remember it being NOT bad. Which is a) apparently rare in modern movies and b) awesome, since I thought it would be horrible. 

That said, I thought their villain was stupid. His face was just....smarmy. That's a good word. Smarmy. Actually, the entire dark side in this movie was rather pathetic and weak, but they show some promise, and hopefully they will become better. You can't really compete with Darth Vader though. You know what I mean?
Darth Vader made it very difficult to care about Luke. 

I waited in fear for modern CG to hit me in the face, but it was remarkably gritty and old fashioned looking, much like the original trilogy. It began as it was supposed to begin, 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
cheesy starry background
traditional yellow text shrinking into the distance
and GIANT SPACESHIP SLIDING INTO VIEW (that made me ridiculously happy) 

I never really liked Carrie Fisher, so there is something comforting and familiar about not liking her again. 
But you know who I did like? Daisy Ridley as Rey (yes, I finally figured out her actual name). She's a brand new actress, and she's good. I mean, she has been in two other movies, but only in the last two years and they weren't big ones either. But she's good. And of course, getting to be in Star Wars is a very nice boost in one's career. 

In terms of plot, it seemed like it was basically a remake of A New Hope. Rather similar to Jurassic World in that it was technically a sequel, but basically a remake. I did not care for Jurassic World by the way, but whats his face from Guardians of the Galaxy was amusing in it. 

There is something about originals, no matter how old, that is just...better and weirdly unbeatable. 
Jurassic Park is actually known for having CG that still holds up today, despite being really old. Much like Star Wars.

So basically, I think that its worth seeing in theaters as a matter of principle (its Star Wars people) but not because is a particularly great movie. Its not bad, quite enjoyable, I shall probably watch it again when it comes out on DVD. I also think that it is worth of being added to the Star Wars world, unlike the prequel trilogy (booooooooo). 

Also sometime in the distant future, the Lady Awdur and I shall post a review of the third hobbit movie (can I get some more booing?). But you remember how long it took me to get number two out, so I'm not making any promises that it will come SOON. But it will come, eventually. It will. 

Whenever I read other people's reviews on things, they are very neat and concise and full of pictures and references. And mine are just a jumble of rambling words. Hopefully you can make sense of them, and if not..... probably nothing else on this blog will make sense either.  Of course, I am about to put some visuals in this post, so technically this last paragraph shouldn't be here. 

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