I've Lost My Mind, also Snippets

Guess what, I reached 90000 words. Guess what else, I'm only halfway through the draft. I think that all writers must be partially insane to subject themselves to the sweet torture of writing a book. And then rewriting it anywhere between 1 and 100 times until they are happy with it, which is unusual. 
Why, you ask, do we do it? 
Answer: I have absolutely no idea. 

Also, teeny tiny announcement. When I finally finish this draft (2), I shall be writing the next one (3) in third person.  

But now, without further ado, here are a few selections from my own personal torture device. 

“And how can we be sure she will not ruin everything with some act of rash nobility in which  she tries to rescue us from Apophis?”

It is the possibility, however slight, of survival that drives people to half mad displays of screams and tears. Hopelessness comes with its own sort of comfort;

“…It’s not that I am not worried. I am. Very worried indeed. But does Nefru expect me to  throw myself about and scream?”

When Ukani wasn’t trying to ruin Nefru’s life, and Nefru wasn’t trying to ‘fix’ Ukani, they made an excellent team.

“It is my hope that he will soon realize the futility of his plan and follow us,” I said calmly. “He is under the impression that there may be other doorways in this place, as it is likely the heart of the shrine. He has had a dream of sorts which has convinced him of this.”“A dream,” he said disbelievingly.I nodded sympathetically. “Yes, an unreliable source of information. But as I said, if we continue to the surface, he will soon abandon this plan.”

“I do not appreciate being treated as a helpless child, Ukani. If you do not wish to tell me, just say so, and I will not press the matter further.”

“It doesn’t matter. Anhur and I were merely trying to talk Nefru out of another one of his ignorant schemes to get us all killed.”

“You’re harsh and unfeeling,” he said. I winced, I knew he meant it in a joking manner, but that did not mean that he was wrong.“I do not mean to be,” I said quietly, looking down at my hands folded in my lap. Ukani sighed. “At least it could never be mistaken for hatred. As cruel as you can be, one could never doubt your love.”

And yet here was Ukani, lineage high enough to please any father, but far from the quiet,  reserved, gentle being who had waited in the shadows of my young mind.

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Sefkh and Senet: Snippet (INCREDIBLY ROUGH DRAFT)

Here is a random snippety thingy from a random story that is sort of a companion thingy for Pendant. The eloquence of that last sentence is astounding. 
I have made no edits to this since I first tapped it into my lovely Scrivener file, creatively titled "Sefkh and Senet". So please forgive the multiple typos and whatnot which you will inevitably find.

The murky blue waters of the Nile glittered under the midday sun, and a weak breeze moved the boat sluggishly along, it’s elegant prow cutting through the water. Had Sefkh not been in such a hurry, it would have been pleasant to rest in the shade of the neatly stacked crates. Instead, he was pacing back and forth in front of them, wishing the boat would go faster. The wind, or lack thereof, was not entirely to blame either; Sefkh had decided that this craft, the Falcon, was the slowest boat in existence, however quick its namesake. Its captain was the only one he could find in such a hurry who had been willing to take the bent copper armband as payment, and there had not been time to waste haggling with another. Not that his hastily made choice had saved him much time in the end, if anything it had cost him more, he reflected bitterly. He had been promised that it would only take six days to travel from Thebes to Buhen, but they had already been on the river for eight, and still no sign of their destination. 
“How much longer?” Sefkh inquired sharply of one of the crew, a large man whose face had long been dominated by wrinkles, and who carried himself with air of impenetrable boredom and content.
“Peace lad, we’ll be there before the lights’ quite gone.”
Sefkh bristled at the man’s condescending tone. “I was told it would be but six days.”
The man shrugged. “Lazy winds.”
“Lazy boat, more like.” Sefkh muttered. 
“She’s not as fast as some, I’ll grant you, but she goes as best she can.”
“We would go faster if you would bring out the oars.”
The man smiled knowingly, “What is it you’re running away from?
Sefkh straightened, wondering how much the man had guessed. “Have you a name?” He said quickly. 
“Yafeu, but you haven’t answered.”
“Well, Yafeu, I am not running from anything,” Sefkh said, trying to sound more assured than he felt.
“It is a girl then? Or are you not running from one, but chasing after?” Yafeu said, baring his crooked yellow teeth in a mischievous grin. Sefkh managed to stifle a sigh of relief, and decided to go along with Yafeu. After all, it wasn’t such a bad excuse to use on those who thought him little more than a child.
“If you must know, then yes it is a girl. A very pretty one at that, but I’d not run from her for anything.” Sefkh rolled back onto his heels and cross his arms, perhaps he could get a little fun out of this tale. “She’s the most beautiful creature as ever there was, and I’d follow her to end of the world if theres a chance she’d like me any more for it.”
Yafeu nodded. “Aye, she sounds a pretty catch, and were I sight younger, I might be doing the same as you.”
Sefkh did his best to smile like a lovesick boy, but it wasn’t so hard as he was beginning to enjoy himself. “Why you’re not so old as that! I’ll wager you could woo any young maid and not be sent on your way as I was. Just don’t step foot near my Kamilah, or we’ll cross blades.”
Yafeu sighed contentedly, obviously flattered. “Ah, a lad in love, always so quick to pick a fight. Don’t worry, I’ll not be troubling your girl. But I haven’t had a good story in a while, and I wouldn’t mind if you should tell me more about her.”
Sefkh put his arm around the man’s shoulders conspiratorially. “I’ll tell you all you like, if you’d just set some men about the oars to take me to her that much faster.”
Yafeu chuckled. “Nay, I’ve not authority to give you that, though I would if I could. But perhaps the talking would pass the time?”
“It’s not that I’d mind the telling, but I’ve principles to stand by, and I can’t afford to go about giving what little I have for naught in return.”
Yafeu looked a little disappointed, but his complacent mood was not marred. “Well, be that as it may, you’ll need to find something to do until sundown but pacing like a caged animal. Still, I’ll not trouble you for what you’re not willing to give.”
Sefkh shrugged apologetically. “Perhaps my view is a foolish one, but it’s better than nothing.”
“And then again, perhaps it’s not so foolish.”
“You are very understanding. But perhaps the captain has some task I could assist with to pass the hours?”
“I wouldn’t guess so. There’s not much needs doing aboard the Falcon. Set her straight with a little wind to her back, and she’ll do just fine on her own.”
This man’s good opinion was of no actual value to Sefkh, and would help him in no way, but he was an amiable man by nature, and had no desire to leave behind a poor impression. 
“You have been most obliging and I thank you for your consideration. I regret now the way in which I first spoke to you.”
Yafeu nodded. “You’re in love, there’s no telling what a boy may do when he’s in love. But I’d best return to my post before the captain finds I’ve gone. Good fortune too you, lad.”
“May you live forever, my friend!”
Yafeu smiled contentedly and strolled back to his post, which was apparently nothing more than leaning over the side of the boat and watching his reflection wobble about on the water. 
Perhaps someday I shall become a sailor, Sefkh thought to himself, it seems a pleasant task. But there are no real dangers on the river, so mayhap I shall go to sea instead. 
But first he had to get out of Egypt. True, Buhen was under Pharaoh’s rule, but the Kushites were not particularly fond of their conquerers, and Sefkh had heard that a fugitive such as himself might find refuge there.

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I made a thing, and took shamefully bad pictures of it!!

So I decided to actually do something interesting, and I pulled my ugly old cork-board down from the wall, and gave it a makeover. I'm going to put it by my desk and fill it with notes and stuff for my book, so I can write and have all my references handy, without having to move. I am always trying to find a way to do things with the least possible movement on my part.

Its so gloriously hideous, the perfect project. This is, by the way, the only picture I bothered to clean up, so the other ones look horrible.

I used sandpaper to get the smooth finish off of the frame so that I could paint it.

Then a damp paper towel to get the dust off.  One must also make sure to dry very thoroughly afterwards, otherwise the paint will do weird things.

Painting the frame, back when I thought that all I was going to paint was the frame. I actually used the same paint that was used in my kitchen. Its much bluer than in these pictures. What you see in the little white dish is all it took for the first layer, frame and cork.

Changing my mind and deciding to paint the cork as well. I ended up using a wider brush at the end to make it faster, and I wasn't careful about brush strokes until the last coat of paint. In the end, it doesn't really matter on the cork, though it is more noticeable on the wooden frame.

The other supplies I used, hot glue gun, scissors and ribbon. Also a paper clip and another tiny paintbrush. 

I used a sheet of paper to figure out the pattern I wanted the ribbon to make, and then cut all my lovely bits of it.

All my ribbons cut and laid out. You can't really tell in this picture but I wove them together to make it stronger and look better. 

I used a paperclip to push the edge of the ribbon under the frame a little, and I also cut the ribbon at an angle for a cleaner look.

Gluing my ribbons down, and of course my tea, an essential item for ANY project.

My attempt at a nice clean glue line, I think I did fairly well.

(I also edited this picture, so that you could actually see what I did.)

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