I made a thing, and took shamefully bad pictures of it!!

So I decided to actually do something interesting, and I pulled my ugly old cork-board down from the wall, and gave it a makeover. I'm going to put it by my desk and fill it with notes and stuff for my book, so I can write and have all my references handy, without having to move. I am always trying to find a way to do things with the least possible movement on my part.

Its so gloriously hideous, the perfect project. This is, by the way, the only picture I bothered to clean up, so the other ones look horrible.

I used sandpaper to get the smooth finish off of the frame so that I could paint it.

Then a damp paper towel to get the dust off.  One must also make sure to dry very thoroughly afterwards, otherwise the paint will do weird things.

Painting the frame, back when I thought that all I was going to paint was the frame. I actually used the same paint that was used in my kitchen. Its much bluer than in these pictures. What you see in the little white dish is all it took for the first layer, frame and cork.

Changing my mind and deciding to paint the cork as well. I ended up using a wider brush at the end to make it faster, and I wasn't careful about brush strokes until the last coat of paint. In the end, it doesn't really matter on the cork, though it is more noticeable on the wooden frame.

The other supplies I used, hot glue gun, scissors and ribbon. Also a paper clip and another tiny paintbrush. 

I used a sheet of paper to figure out the pattern I wanted the ribbon to make, and then cut all my lovely bits of it.

All my ribbons cut and laid out. You can't really tell in this picture but I wove them together to make it stronger and look better. 

I used a paperclip to push the edge of the ribbon under the frame a little, and I also cut the ribbon at an angle for a cleaner look.

Gluing my ribbons down, and of course my tea, an essential item for ANY project.

My attempt at a nice clean glue line, I think I did fairly well.

(I also edited this picture, so that you could actually see what I did.)

 photo theauthor_zps8356b86b.png


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