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Soooo *guilty smile* I totally forgot about the May 2015 Beautiful People. That is to say, I planned on doing it, and had a character picked out and then didn't. I don't know why. I don't remember why. It's not important. 
Anyway, I am now doing it. Very late. 
This time, I am going to do a terribly odd little side character. I never properly explain anything that goes on in the Pendant here, because it changes so much. And no one ever really understands who the various characters are, unless they are the major main characters. So now, I shall further confuse things, but chatting a little bit about....  Yafeu. Who is actually a side character in a side story of the Pendant. Gloriously obscure isn't he? I love him.  

Do they get nightmares? If so, why or what of? Yes. Because everyone has nightmares of some sort. Why and what of? Its not entirely clear why. Some people say you get nightmares if you eat certain foods before going to bed. Most people would agree that creepy or disconcerting stuff, whether in real life or in a book or movie, can give you nightmares. Mental illness. PTSD. Normal life. What of? Well, that is also difficult to answer. He is old, he's had a lot. They aren't special because dreams usually aren't. He hasn't had any recurring nightmares since he was little. 
What is their biggest guilty pleasure/secret shame? Oh goodness. Yafeu is a terribly ordinary sort of person. He's rather like a hobbit in some ways. He values simple comforts. A good meal being chief among them. He loves boats and fish and water, which is why he works as a sailor aboard the Falcon. He doesn't really like something that he feels guilty about or ashamed of. He likes pretty women, and is distinctly partial to them, but that's not really a secret.
Are they easily persuaded or do they need more proof? He is a pretty easy-going guy, but he is also very stubborn. He's not terribly skeptical, but he's had a long time to choose where he stands, and I rather think that if you presented him with excellent proof that he was wrong, he would going on believing what he wanted anyway. On things he hasn't already decided on, he is pretty open minded. Definitely not an opinionated chap. 

Do they suffer from any phobias? Does it affect their life in a big way? Ooh, phobias. Yafeu is rather afraid of dogs. He loves cats. Adores cats. It doesn't really affect his life though. He isn't on land much, and there are no dogs on the Falcon. He isn't so scared of them that he won't go near them. But he avoids them when at all possible.
What do they consider their “Achilles heel”? Yafeu has never considered it.
How do they handle a crisis? Very calmly. He kind of just meanders about and does what he thinks will help, but doesn't engage in all the hullabaloo. He is a very sympathetic old soul, and likes to help, but prefers to just lean back and give advice and not actually get mixed up in anything.
Do they have a temper? Not really. If someone is annoying him, he just walks away.
What are their core values and/or religious beliefs? Religious beliefs, gods of egypt. Not out of any great faith, but because it 'seems a pretty good thing to believe'. He's not wishy washy about it though. He wouldn't change the moment something else sounded better. He has decided to stick with his beliefs, so he does. Core values: honest; sleep; a good days work; patience; and kindness.
What things do they value most in life? His cat, Moswen (white). The Falcon. People who ride on the Falcon and talk to him.  His niece of sorts, who is actually just the daughter of a friend of his sister's, but who he considers to be his niece. Whenever the captain of the Falcon decides he wants a vacation, which can occur twice a month or twice a decade depending on his whims, Yafeu goes to stay with his sister in Abydos.
What is one major event that helped shape who they are? Nothing major has ever made its way to Yafeu. Probably the most life changing day in his life was when he first signed on with the Falcon all those years ago. And he never left. Most of the Falcon's crew have been there forever as well. Its basically one big family of lovable crazies, plus a few strapping young lads to actually do most of the work. Said young lads usually only stay for a year or so before they are replaced. 

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  1. A white animal named Moswen. Sounds familiar... ;)