Bookshelf Tour Tag: this may take a while

I have been tagged. Of all the odd little things. By Awdur at The Pen of Awdur. This is a bookshelf tour tag. And I have accumulated quite a few books, so strap in.

The rules are:
  • Once you are tagged, copy and paste the image above into your new post.
  • Show readers your book shelf and explain what books are on there.  Pictures are always fun!
  • Tag as many other people as you want and copy-paste these instructions onto your post so they know exactly what to do.
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To begin. 
These are my currently full bookshelves, the empty one you see on the right is my newest acquisition, and is yet to be filled.
I cataloged my books, and not including stuff that I skipped over, or that was in other places, or had been loaned out or was on its way from Amazon, it was a little more than five pages in list form. So I shall not give you a full account here. Should you like to see a roughly complete list, click HERE.

As you can see, there are some sentimental items in the shelves as well as books. Photographs on top, and stuffed animals and, curiously, two large rocks on the bottom. 
The books are organized alphabetically by author last name, and here I shall point out a few of my dearest friends. Accompanied by some terrible photos. 

To start, I have some delightful things by Louisa May Alcott. 
Including by not limited to, Little Women, Little Men, Eight Cousins, and Rose in Bloom. My own particular favorites. Next up are the Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander. Then Hans Christian Anderson's Complete Fairytales. 
After that are Jane Austen's four best works, in one volume:  Sense and Sensibility,  Pride and Prejudice, Emma,  Persuasion. Then Northanger Abbey by the same. 
At the end of the line, as you can see, is a very nice edition of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. 

Next is a bunch of Agatha Christie, and then The Darkness and the Dawn by Thomas Costain. I quite love that book. Followed by Dante's Divine Comedy (currently reading the last book in the trilogy). 

The highlight of the next shelf is my hardcover edition of CS Lewis's The Space Trilogy. And today I received word that Amazon had shipped my Chronicles of Narnia box set, so that shall be slipping in there soon. Also Till We Have Faces which is AMAZING. 

On the bottom shelf of my first bookshelf, I have The Lost Princess and At the Back of the North Wind by MacDonald. Also the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Treasury
Skip a few books, Eloise Jarvis McGraw's superb Mara: Daughter of the Nile, one of my favorite books. And Moorchild, also by McGraw. And then of course the Anne of Green Gables series, and the Emily of New Moon series, by LM Montgomery. 
I'm going to skip a BUNCH of books, and move straight to Tolkien. First of all, by Rosemary Sutcliff: The Sword and the Circle, The Road to Camlann, Outcast, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Shining Company

And now, for the Tolkien section. Some of these are basically by Christopher Tolkien, but he still attributes them to his father. The Book of Lost Tales 1, The Book of Lost Tales 2, The Lays of Beleriand, The Shaping of Middle-Earth, The Lost Road and Other Writings, The Treason of Isengard, Unfinished Tales, The Children of Hurin.
And then the Lord of the Rings proper. The Lord of the Rings, ugly version for writing in and carrying about the place. There is also a copy of Silmarillion out of shelf because I am currently reading it. The Return of the King, also ugly, used chiefly for mucking about in the appendices. The Return of the King, hardcover, illustrated by Alan Lee, very nice. The Hobbit, hardcover, illustrated by Alan Lee, technically belongs to my family as a whole. The Hobbit, collectors edition including slipcase. Illustrated by JRR Tolkien. Very definitely belongs to me and only me. And, what is probably my most prized possession in life, the 50th Anniversary edition of The Lord of the Rings. Black leather bound, slipcase. Very soft. Gold edged pages. Built in ribbon bookmark. Fold out maps front and back cover. 

And I now tag
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And a list of others of which I'M especially fond. (very very not complete.)
Charity in Truth: Pope Benedict XVI
The Secret Garden: Burnett
Orthodoxy: Chesterton
Manalive: Chesterton 
Easy to Kill: Agatha Christie 
Death Comes as the End: Christie 
The Floating Admiral: Christie; Chesterton; Sayers and more
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: Christie 
Murder In Three Acts: Christie 
The Mysterious Affair at Styles: Christie 
The ABC Murders: Christie 
Dumb Witness: Christie 
The Black Rose: Thomas Costain
A Tale of Two Cities: Dickens
The Brothers Karamazov: Fydor Dostoevsy
Snow Whit & Rose Red: Regina Doman
Black as Night: Doman
Waking Rose: Doman
The White Company, Sir Nigel: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
The Red Keep: Allen French
The Princess Bride: William Goldman
Complete Fairytales: Brothers Grimm
The Goose Girl: Shannon Hale
Princess Academy: Hale
The Unfinished Clue: Georgette Heyer
No Wind of Blame: Heyer
Envious Casca: Heyer
The Odyssey: Homer
The Iliad: Homer
The Jungle Book: Kipling
A Wrinkle in Time: Madeleine L’Engle
Fern-seed and Elephants: CS Lewis
Murder in the Vatican: Ann Lewis
The Lost Princess: MacDonald 
The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Treasury: Betty MacDonald 
At the Back of the North Wind: MacDonald
Mara: Daughter of the Nile: Eloise Jarvis McGraw
The Moorchild: McGraw
Jane of Lantern Hill: LM Montgomery 
Shadow Hawk: Norton
The Scarlet Pimpernel: Orczy
Cry, The Beloved Country: Alan Paton
Freckles: Gene Stratton Porter 
A Girl of the Limberlost: Porter
Etiquette: Emily Post
The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions: Howard Pyle
The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur: Pyle
The Story of the Champions of the Round Table: Pyle
The Story of King Arthur and his Knights: Pyle
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood: Pyle
Otto of the Silver Hand: Pyle
The Ides of April: Mary Ray
Beyond the Desert Gate: Ray
Jane Austens Guide to Good Manners: Ross
The Complete Lord Peter Mysteries: Dorothy Sayers
The Complete Stories: Dorothy Sayers
The Good Master: Seredy
The Singing Tree: Seredy
The Intellectual Life: Sertillanges
The Complete Plays: William Shakespeare 
A bunch of individual books of things by: William Shakespeare 
Four Complete Novels: Robert Louis Stevenson
Andries: Stockum
Dracula: Bram Stoker
The Letzenstein Chronicles: Meriol Trevor
The Thief: Turner 
The Queen of Attolia: Tuner
The King of Attolia: Turner 
A Conspiracy of Kings: Turner
The Kristen Lavransdatter trilogy: Sigrid Undset
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: Jules Verne
Little House on the Prairie books: Wilder
A Bunch of stuff by: PG Wodehouse
A collection of: HG Wells
A bunch of Calvin and Hobbes: Waterson 

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  1. Wow, this is great! Your special edition set of LOTR is *gorgeous*
    Haha I have a copy of LOTR for writing and one for looking nice too XD
    I just found your blog--really beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much!
      Ah yes, one should have two copies of all the greatest books. Because books must be written in, but its always nice to have a pristine copy just for petting.

  2. Reading this is a combination of "Oh! I LOVE that one!" and "ooh, I should read that". ;)