Hacks for those Lengthy Locks

Emergency Supplies – Stock your purse, backpack, coat pockets, car, and anything else you might be carrying in public, with Hair Elastics and Bobby Pins. You, and anyone else with hair, will be grateful for the constant availability of these most useful creations.

Braiding, with a Twist
– Everyone knows that sleeping on a French braid will help keep your hair shiny, and add some shape, but you can do better than that. Each time you wrap a strand of hair into the braid, twist it a couple of times. When you wake up, not only will your hair be shinier and wavy, it will have a little curl to it. This also makes for a tighter braid, which will not come out as easily during the night. This also makes for an effective, no heat curling method if done while the hair is wet. This will dry quite fast, due to the wringing out of water that occurs with the twisting, and looks nice enough that you can actually wear it put and about, unlike pin curls and odd shaped buns.

I Woke up Like This
– If you have researched anything about hair-care, you probably already know that daily washing is bad, as it dries out the hair. But you might still be in the habit of washing your hair directly prior to some event or evening out. No longer. Due to the effects of shampoo, no matter how much conditioner you use, hair is prone to be rather dry and dull looking right after its been washed. The next day, however, natural oils have had time to add a lovely shine. So, to escape last minute washing, blow drying, and curling, just wash your hair the night before (or earlier in the day, whatever works) and try to keep it braided right up until it’s time to get dressed.

Country Bumpkins – If you live out in the country, or even in some cities, you may have hard water. This just means that there are various minerals in the water. While this is completely harmless, and works just fine for anything and everything that one does with water, it will, over time, cause a buildup of said mysterious minerals (I am not entirely sure as to their exact nature) in your hair. This merely causes your hair to lose some of its natural glow. No more than once a month, give your hair a lemon rinse. Fill a quart jar with cold water, and add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh is always better, but bottled works just fine) and pour it over wet hair prior to shampooing. Doing this too frequently may damage your hair, so monthly at most.

My Hair Just Does That
– One of the problems with longer hair (maybe shorter, but I wouldn’t know), is that when you wear it down it tends to get all over the place, and not look terribly nice at all. This is unfortunate, since having your hair down is one of the greater feelings in life. Salt-water sprays to the rescue. You can buy these, or you can just make salt water at about 1 ½ tsp. sea salt to 1 C. water. Leave in conditioners (also home-makeable) will work as well, but the salt water adds an interesting texture, even regular water will work, but the results won’t last as long. Use the liquid of your choice to mist hair lightly (very lightly) and then spray your fingers more liberally. Run your fingers through your hair to separate and lift individual locks. If you want to add a little curl, twist each portion of hair around a damp finger and hold for a few seconds.

Messy Buns? – For those of us with plenty of length and very little volume, the effortless old ‘messy bun’ is virtually impossible. But sock buns are not. If you have always like that weird, soft round thing at the store that promises frabjous buns, but are far too cheap to buy it, just find a sock (or a pair of socks) that are not important. Thick fuzzys and wool are not good for this sort of thing. Generally, a thinner sock is a better. Cut off toes and roll the sock into a doughnut like object. Bend your head over and secure the hair fairly tightly with an elastic. Then place the sock around the ends, far enough down that all the hair is inside, wrap the ends of the ponytail around it, and start rolling it towards your head. You may have to push the hair around a little to get it go all around the sock. Once it reaches your head, stand up and use an elastic or bobby pins to secure it. Leave it in its glorious perfection, or muss it up and pull bits of hair out to achieve a messier, more careless look. This doesn’t take long, but it does take time. The true effortlessness of the messy bun is, sadly, never to be yours. However, if all you really want to do is get your hair out of your way, pull it back into a ponytail, but the last time you wrap the elastic around, only pull through half of your hair. This will make it tighter, and also shorten the hair enough that it will be much less likely to slip over your shoulder.

No, This Was Not Coughed Up by a Cat
– For the frizzy of hair: Whenever executing those weird hairdos you found on Pinterest, brush out tangles as often as you can spare a hand, and twist strands of hair whenever possible, as this helps contain the strays.
Dryer sheets, used to help clothes from getting all charged up with static electricity, will also help to tame your rebellious crown. Foil, which can be crumpled into balls and used in the dryer in place of dryer sheets, can also replace the aforementioned items in the calming of hair.
But as much as you have come to hate static electricity, never forget that you can hold balloons with your hair. It’s almost worth it.

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! I have waist-length hair which looks great when I leave the house but pretty much immediately frizzes up right when I stop looking--to my embarrassment. I'm definitively going to try some of these tips! Thanks!

    1. Oh, I'm so jealous. I have been aiming for hip length for many many years, but my hair waits a tantalizing inch and a half away from where I want it.

  2. This was both amusing and helpful. ;)