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Many times have a seen a young blog post their 100th post with many a celebratory hurrah. Unfortunately for me, both #100 and #101 went by without my realizing it. But 102 is more deserving of a hurrah than any 100 ever was, for it exceeds that other paltry number by 2. And actually, when you celebrate #100 with your 100th post, you have actually only posted 99 real posts, because 100 was wasted talking about 100. 
And due to the unfortunate existence of animals known as dalmatians, 101 is not a number which one can celebrate freely and in complete disconnect from the obnoxious animals. 
And therefore, good people, 102 is the perfect number on which to celebrate. But due to the ugliness of the number, I shall only be able to give it a single hurrah. 
I will have a proper celebration for my 222nd post. A beautiful number. .Very...symmetrical...Very.
Couldn't resist. Alright, moving on to less pressing matters. 

Readers! I have but two things to say to you at the moment. 
1) Do you exist?
2) Don't answer that. 

There is much worrying that goes on in the blogging world, about whether or not people actually read one's blog. Probably not. And also, I have discovered that basically the only people who read blogs, are other bloggers. Exciting revelation that. The only tip I can give for securing readers, and one which I have found to be extremely beneficial to my own blogging exploits, is post at least once a decade. 

Every now and then, I think to myself "does anyone read this blog?" And then, for a brief moment in the very odd substance that is time, I consider trying to make a blog that more people would want to read. And then of course I forget about readers and their interests, and go post some large pile of blither that is distinctly lacking in pictures. I have noticed that wordy blogs tend to be less popular than blogs with tutorials, recipes, and pictures with tiny little captions underneath, etc. 
The world seems to approve of one paragraph updates, but I was always under the impression that that was what social media was for, and a blog was a place where much longer things were to be released upon society. 
Another thing that seems to make blogs attractive, is events, parties, and things in which other specimens of humanity can participate. Also self promotion, oddly enough. If only I said things like: 
"Follow me here! Buy my book there! Do this and do that, and do it all for me!!!!!" 
I'm sure I should be much more popular in the blogging world. Probably not. 

One can only surmise that to the general population of this planet, clicking on someone's face is the equivalent of a hug. I do not understand it, but I never really have understood it. 
You see, even now I am rambling along happily, completely careless of how far this is from "a popular post". 
My blog is merely a place where I dump information that I no longer wish to keep in my head, but which I do not particularly want to go through all the trouble of saying out loud. 
And so to you, my neat little columns and rows of 0s and 1s that are somehow dimly connected to a human being in some odd corner of the world and which I refer to as "readers", I say this: if the bizarre contents of this blog actually amuse you, then rest assured that it shall continue to be gloriously strange and random, at least once a decade. 

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