Odd Things That I Find Tasty

Raw Red Cabbage:

A long-ish while ago I had my dear twin over, and we were both feeling the need for some elevenses. I innocently produced a red cabbage from the refrigerator and began cutting off a slice, only to be suddenly informed that this was, apparently, not something that everyone did.
Well everyone should, because it is delicious. Not cooked, not added in paltry slivers to a salad, but eaten completely raw in large chunks.
I should also mention that my friend has had the veil of conventional cabbage eating torn from her eyes, and has developed a healthy appreciation for this wonderful thing. 

Salt and Lemon:

Just pop that lemon slice off of the glass, douse it in salt and enjoy. I like sucking on lemons, and I like eating plain sea-salt, and I like combining the two. I don't really go so far as to cut open lemons at home and salt them, but whenever at a restaurant, I make sure to get a lemon with my water, and I attack with the salt. I mostly just eat some now very very sour salt, and repeat until there is no juice left in  my lemon slice. Sounds kind of gross, even to me, but it's good. Provided you like salty and sour things of course. Plus 'salt and lime' is totally a thing, so there is no reason to leave lemons out. 

Cold Bitter Black Tea:

Sometimes, I leave tea sitting out all day with the tea bag in on purpose just so that it will be gloriously disgusting. Yes, you heard me, it's disgusting, but in a wonderful way. Very bitter tea doesn't make me happy if it is still hot, but let it sit out and get cold (not iced tea cold) and I am exceedingly pleased. I know at least two people who understand the disgustingly delicious deliciousness of this beverage, and another who thinks I'm crazy. You can't please everyone. 

Jelly and Brie:

Now to be honest, this one isn't that weird. I wouldn't be surprised if you found it in a nice restaurant somewhere, and it has been on many many lists of 'surprisingly good food combinations'. But I said 'odd' things I liked, and common doesn't mean that it isn't odd. People eat caviar all the time. I extend this beyond brie though. Cream cheese on a bagel or toast, topped with jelly is also delicious. Jelly and yogurt. I have also put jelly in a smoothie once, and the taste wasn't bad, but it was just too sweet for me, as someone who usually makes smoothies with nice tart yogurt. I think jams and jellies just go well with dairy products in general. Then of course there is just plain brie, cook in the oven until it's gooey. So good. Of course brie by itself and with jelly should be spread onto some bread product, be it toast or crackers or biscuits. 

Ice Cream and Fritos:

I can hear you gagging and you probably should be, but I still think it's good. I discovered this one by accident, because we had had fritos with our chile and then ice-cream for dessert and the unfinished bag was just sitting there....I had to try. Surprisingly, it was good. It really just tasted like your ice-cream cone had salt on it. The texture was just like that of ice-cream+cone, and the flavor of the ice-cream sort of overpowered the flavor of the chips. The only weird thing left is the taste of salt. Which I like. A lot. That said, you are very very forgiven for not liking this one.
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Random Useful Things

Reusable Lint Thing:

This is just as effective as a regular lint roller (the sticky kind), and requires just a teeny bit more effort to use, meaning you have to clean it periodically. I own lots of dark clothing made out of cottons, wool and other lint-attracting materials, which means that this creature is a very good friend of mine. It has served me faithfully for several years, and I’ve managed not to break it. It’s quite simple to use, once you get used to the fact that you have to push it in a certain direction, and you can’t roll it back and forth. 
To clean it, you just rub it the WRONG way along a piece of toilet paper or a tissue or something, and the linty nastiness comes right off. I don’t remember where it was purchased I may have permanently borrowed it from one of my siblings but that’s what google is for. This also looks cool and fancy, and doesn’t get stuck to everything you store it near.

Burr Removal Thing:

I live in the country with a forest. And this forest delights in poking people with thorns, stinging them with nettles, slapping them in the face with branches, and painting them with burrs; the pained, scratched, tangled, burr infested version of you that returns is this forest’s work of art. There isn’t much you can do about most of this, except not be a bumbling fool like me, but the burrs CAN be removed from your clothing. 
You just take this handy dandy piece of mysterious grey matter (I think it’s pumice) and brush it vigorously against your clothing, and the burrs come off. Do this outside by the way. This was a gift to me last Christmas, and I was able to resurrect my favorite hoodie with it. Mine hails from Duluth Trading Company, but I am sure it can be found in other locations as well.

Drain Cleaner Thing:

This looks like the sort of thing you can probably find at a Walmart for a dollar. 
That said, I actually have no idea where it came from or what it cost. My sister and I both have hair that doesn’t like to stay on our heads, and prefers to clog our drains. So at some point before vanished into land of marriage, we had drains that barely worked, and this thing was used to clean them. 
As you can see, it has a bunch of teeth that point one way, so you shove it down the drain, and then when you pull it up the teeth catch on hair and whatever else might be living down there, and brings it up into the light of day.

Drain Sieve Thing:

Once you have de-hairified (not a word) your drains, you should take steps to prevent future cloggage (also not a word). There are a ridiculous amount of options for drain sieves or whatever they are called, but mine is just a little mesh basket that sits in my drain and collects hair. 
Every now and then, it fills up and you just empty a little hairball into the trash and pretend you’re a cat.

Tiny Boxes:

Empty mint tins; tic-tac boxes; dental floss containers with their innards removed; any sort of small box, as long as it closes securely. Whether you are travelling, or just like having everything you could ever possibly need in your purse, these are useful for carrying bobby pins, earrings, safety pins, sewing pins, or anything else small and highly losable. 
I also use these for the giving of tiny gifts. In addition to all this, they are just oddly adorable and I haven’t got the heart to throw them away.

Duct-tape and a Screwdriver:

No house should be without these two items. Aside from their more obvious uses, they can be used for the incapacitating (screwdriver) and binding (tape) of thieves and masked murderers that may attempt to break into your house. And duct-tape can be used for everything short of sustenance. 
You can make a bed (hammock) out of it, and clothing, and dishes, and booby traps, and snares, and boxes, and so much more. I believe it can also be used to open suborn jars. And if you get a rather heavy screwdriver, you can use the handle as a hammer.

And always remember: the key to happiness is a mason jar full of chocolate given to you with love. The three essentials all in one.

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Beautiful People, March: TIYE


And here it is again. Beautiful People is here, and I have an excuse to be slightly less remiss in my posting. For this post, I chose Tiye, as she's a rather interesting character. I have made quite a lot of changes to her to connect her with the real life person, but obviously she isn't 100 percent accurate.

What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off? Why yes. I based her off of herself. Old writings, statues, and other documents about her.

Describe their daily routine. Tiye values her good looks, and dresses them to the best advantage. Her day begins with dressing, or rather, being dressed and made up. Then comes a meal with her husband, if he isn't too busy, and on her own if he is. If she has Reniseb or Tseskos staying with her, she will eat with them. Then, if there is no immediate need for her at her husband's side, she will spend some time with her son. She doesn't sit idly by and let Amenhotep do the work of state. She is his greatest asset. His chief adviser, the best diplomat in the court. Indeed, she probably could have had more control over Egypt than Pharaoh if she had put her mind to it, but she loved her husband and was loyal to him and helped him all she could. His reign was one of the greatest in Egypt.

If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into? I don't go to a school and never have, so I really wouldn't know, but I have no doubt she would be a just ruler and a good principle.

Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives... The official advisers of Pharaoh, she has a thinly veiled contempt for them, but for appearances sake, she doesn't try to get rid of them, unless they are actively harmful. As for a list, I'm afraid it should be too long, and mostly names of random people who no one reading this would recognize.

How do they react in awkward silences? Tiye simply hasn't got time for awkward silences. She is very efficient, and gets the talking done and then leaves. If someone else creates an awkward silence somehow, she either returns to the topic at hand, or makes up a new one.

Can they swim? If so, how did they learn? No, she cannot swim.

What is one major event that helped shape who they are? Hmm. There wasn't really one major event. I mean, a conglomeration of everything tiny individual thing that happened in her life, has shaped her, but there was never anything big. I suppose the thing that changed her life, but not necessarily Tiye herself, was her betrothal to Amenhotep.

What things do they value most in life? Amenhotep, Reniseb, Tseskos, Akhenaten, Egypt, and protecting all of the above and making them great. Mostly making Egypt great. She loves Egypt, as represented by Amenhotep especially, and she wants everything she can for those whom she loves.

Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues? She does believe in second chances, within reason. She doesn't see the world as innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent. Sort of in between. Nothing until proven something. She perhaps seems very mistrustful, but in her position, it is entirely reasonable.

Your character is having a rough day...what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood? Tiye likes to be alone when she is having a bad day. She doesn't really derive comfort from people. She derives comfort from being alone until she can be pleasant, and then going and hanging out with Amenhotep. While Reniseb and Tseskos can help cheer her up sometimes, Amenhotep is really the only human comfort that counts.

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Reading Plans for Summer

    I feel that most of my posts on this blog start with "it's been so long" "I forgot all about this blog" or "wait, I have a blog?"
    This is because I am not a 'blogger'. I merely a person, who happens to have a blog, and posts on it occasionally. I devote none of my time to finding things to post about. With that said, I finally finished the Silmarillion! Actually, I finished it a few weeks ago, but that's not important. It was amazing. 
    It was not the 'oh this is a cool story' that I had expected. It was not easy to read. It's a history book. 
    It was filled with confusing and similar names, even a few repetitions of names. It spanned thousands of years, and expected you to remember it. It was full of unwieldy paragraphs, and long sentences without commas or semicolons. Very little was done for the benefit of the reader. 
    It abounded in words in other languages, that you were only given the meaning of once. 
    And it was wonderful. 
    Despite the fact that my edition of it made it look short, the typeset was tiny. 
    Do not be deceived, it's 130,115 words long, almost the same length as Return of the KingNow, this isn't actually that long, but I wasn't expecting it, and it caught me off guard. 
    Am I going to reread it as soon as possible? Yes. Absolutely.
I am currently working my way through the Lays of Beleriand, and as soon as I finish that, I shall read The Silmarillion once more. And when I want something lighter and easier to read, there is always the Book of Lost Tales I. And then of course a few items from the realm of modern YA fiction for when I really just don't want to have to use my brain. 
    Once I have reread Silmarillion, I shall reread The Lord of the Rings. Then I shall read The Shaping of Middle-earth. Somewhere in all this, I will also get to The Children of Hurin
    I can hear the angry voices of Anna Kerenina and Les Mis. trying to get my attention, but they have been sidelined for the present. Apologies to Tolstoy and Hugo.
   I may switch some of these to audio books, if I can find good ones, so that I can multitask. I am a fast reader, but I don't find lots of large blocks of time in which to read, and I can't read weightier books in random little ten minute segments. It just doesn't work. Anyway, I have reading to do.


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