Odd Things That I Find Tasty

Raw Red Cabbage:

A long-ish while ago I had my dear twin over, and we were both feeling the need for some elevenses. I innocently produced a red cabbage from the refrigerator and began cutting off a slice, only to be suddenly informed that this was, apparently, not something that everyone did.
Well everyone should, because it is delicious. Not cooked, not added in paltry slivers to a salad, but eaten completely raw in large chunks.
I should also mention that my friend has had the veil of conventional cabbage eating torn from her eyes, and has developed a healthy appreciation for this wonderful thing. 

Salt and Lemon:

Just pop that lemon slice off of the glass, douse it in salt and enjoy. I like sucking on lemons, and I like eating plain sea-salt, and I like combining the two. I don't really go so far as to cut open lemons at home and salt them, but whenever at a restaurant, I make sure to get a lemon with my water, and I attack with the salt. I mostly just eat some now very very sour salt, and repeat until there is no juice left in  my lemon slice. Sounds kind of gross, even to me, but it's good. Provided you like salty and sour things of course. Plus 'salt and lime' is totally a thing, so there is no reason to leave lemons out. 

Cold Bitter Black Tea:

Sometimes, I leave tea sitting out all day with the tea bag in on purpose just so that it will be gloriously disgusting. Yes, you heard me, it's disgusting, but in a wonderful way. Very bitter tea doesn't make me happy if it is still hot, but let it sit out and get cold (not iced tea cold) and I am exceedingly pleased. I know at least two people who understand the disgustingly delicious deliciousness of this beverage, and another who thinks I'm crazy. You can't please everyone. 

Jelly and Brie:

Now to be honest, this one isn't that weird. I wouldn't be surprised if you found it in a nice restaurant somewhere, and it has been on many many lists of 'surprisingly good food combinations'. But I said 'odd' things I liked, and common doesn't mean that it isn't odd. People eat caviar all the time. I extend this beyond brie though. Cream cheese on a bagel or toast, topped with jelly is also delicious. Jelly and yogurt. I have also put jelly in a smoothie once, and the taste wasn't bad, but it was just too sweet for me, as someone who usually makes smoothies with nice tart yogurt. I think jams and jellies just go well with dairy products in general. Then of course there is just plain brie, cook in the oven until it's gooey. So good. Of course brie by itself and with jelly should be spread onto some bread product, be it toast or crackers or biscuits. 

Ice Cream and Fritos:

I can hear you gagging and you probably should be, but I still think it's good. I discovered this one by accident, because we had had fritos with our chile and then ice-cream for dessert and the unfinished bag was just sitting there....I had to try. Surprisingly, it was good. It really just tasted like your ice-cream cone had salt on it. The texture was just like that of ice-cream+cone, and the flavor of the ice-cream sort of overpowered the flavor of the chips. The only weird thing left is the taste of salt. Which I like. A lot. That said, you are very very forgiven for not liking this one.
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  1. Those are some...er...interesting combinations...
    May I ask: how did you first discover those things went well together?

    1. Hmm, well, cabbage was discovered by snitching one day while it was being chopped for a salad, and I realized that it was really good on it's own.
      Lemons I have sucked for a long time, and once I just randomly decided to add salt and found it was good.
      Black tea was a happy accident.
      Jelly and Brie was introduced at a party, after which I tried other jam and dairy combinations and found them to be lovely.