Random Useful Things

Reusable Lint Thing:

This is just as effective as a regular lint roller (the sticky kind), and requires just a teeny bit more effort to use, meaning you have to clean it periodically. I own lots of dark clothing made out of cottons, wool and other lint-attracting materials, which means that this creature is a very good friend of mine. It has served me faithfully for several years, and I’ve managed not to break it. It’s quite simple to use, once you get used to the fact that you have to push it in a certain direction, and you can’t roll it back and forth. 
To clean it, you just rub it the WRONG way along a piece of toilet paper or a tissue or something, and the linty nastiness comes right off. I don’t remember where it was purchased I may have permanently borrowed it from one of my siblings but that’s what google is for. This also looks cool and fancy, and doesn’t get stuck to everything you store it near.

Burr Removal Thing:

I live in the country with a forest. And this forest delights in poking people with thorns, stinging them with nettles, slapping them in the face with branches, and painting them with burrs; the pained, scratched, tangled, burr infested version of you that returns is this forest’s work of art. There isn’t much you can do about most of this, except not be a bumbling fool like me, but the burrs CAN be removed from your clothing. 
You just take this handy dandy piece of mysterious grey matter (I think it’s pumice) and brush it vigorously against your clothing, and the burrs come off. Do this outside by the way. This was a gift to me last Christmas, and I was able to resurrect my favorite hoodie with it. Mine hails from Duluth Trading Company, but I am sure it can be found in other locations as well.

Drain Cleaner Thing:

This looks like the sort of thing you can probably find at a Walmart for a dollar. 
That said, I actually have no idea where it came from or what it cost. My sister and I both have hair that doesn’t like to stay on our heads, and prefers to clog our drains. So at some point before vanished into land of marriage, we had drains that barely worked, and this thing was used to clean them. 
As you can see, it has a bunch of teeth that point one way, so you shove it down the drain, and then when you pull it up the teeth catch on hair and whatever else might be living down there, and brings it up into the light of day.

Drain Sieve Thing:

Once you have de-hairified (not a word) your drains, you should take steps to prevent future cloggage (also not a word). There are a ridiculous amount of options for drain sieves or whatever they are called, but mine is just a little mesh basket that sits in my drain and collects hair. 
Every now and then, it fills up and you just empty a little hairball into the trash and pretend you’re a cat.

Tiny Boxes:

Empty mint tins; tic-tac boxes; dental floss containers with their innards removed; any sort of small box, as long as it closes securely. Whether you are travelling, or just like having everything you could ever possibly need in your purse, these are useful for carrying bobby pins, earrings, safety pins, sewing pins, or anything else small and highly losable. 
I also use these for the giving of tiny gifts. In addition to all this, they are just oddly adorable and I haven’t got the heart to throw them away.

Duct-tape and a Screwdriver:

No house should be without these two items. Aside from their more obvious uses, they can be used for the incapacitating (screwdriver) and binding (tape) of thieves and masked murderers that may attempt to break into your house. And duct-tape can be used for everything short of sustenance. 
You can make a bed (hammock) out of it, and clothing, and dishes, and booby traps, and snares, and boxes, and so much more. I believe it can also be used to open suborn jars. And if you get a rather heavy screwdriver, you can use the handle as a hammer.

And always remember: the key to happiness is a mason jar full of chocolate given to you with love. The three essentials all in one.

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  1. I love it. I obviously need the second two. And I like the sound of a lint roller that doesn't get stuck to everything.

    1. I actually still have a traditional lint roller, but I use it to help clean up hair from my bathroom counter.