Pendant; Books; and....Feminism?

The Red Book
As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting on here lately. The reason for this is only partly that I kind of forgot. 
Pendant has undergone a lot of changes since I last talked about it, but I've come to the conclusion that unless you are me, nothing I ever say about the Pendant will make sense. It's a decently complicated plot, and confuses me to no end, but I'm not going to put the entire thing on the internet. It's not that special in terms of the basic idea of the thing. Spies and betrayal in court, lots of people have done it. What is different is the setting. 
I like old things. 

I'm not a fan of dystopian fiction. In fact, I'm not really a fan of anything written in the last twenty years, though there are exceptions. 
Not to brag, but I grew up with people watching 'the lord of the rings' and older siblings reading Dickens in quiet corners surrounded by bookshelves full of old books without flashy covers. I'm sure people read picture books to me when I was little, but the first books I remember being read are the Chronicles of Narnia. In the course of my life, I have probably seen my brother (one of them) read Brothers Karamazov at least ten times. Birthday presents included Louisa May Alcott and Jane Austen. In the realm of sci-fi, I started out with the Space Trilogy. 
To conclude the babbles about my life, we were not a family that 'checked out the latest popular books just to see what they were like'. I have read a small amount of modern YA fiction more recently, and I admit that I have liked some of it. The stuff that was set in the past. That wasn't about 'the chosen one'. My favorite YA novels are the Queen's Thief series, also known as Thief of Eddis or: that one about the thief guy with the queen and that other guy. 
Things to note about these books that I like.
1. No one is the chosen one.
2. It's about a guy. Not a girl. Finally.
3. Realistic, almost historical fiction, with a believable dash of fantasy. 
4. Romance is not annoying, and is not even present in the first book.
5. Did I mention that it's not about a girl?

Ironically my own book is about a girl, but it is also politically incorrect, which is why it will never be published.
Because: girl does not rule; seeks only to help her husband and better her country; has seven children; spends the entire book in the comfort of her home; enjoys her domestic duties; is not physically stronger than men; is happy with her life. 

Anyway, this post was originally to say that you probably won't see much of Pendant on this blog, since I'm not will to publicly share enough information to have anything I say about it make much sense. I will still post character stuff and updates every now and then. If you wish to still see (read?) something of me, head over to my LOTR blog --- where I post on a more regular schedule and don't (usually) drawl on and on and rant at you. 


If you are a woman who wants a career and a college degree and that is what makes you happy, go for it! If you are more like me, and genuinely like domestic duties and children and just want to have a family and stay at home, go for it! If you want both, go for it, as long as it's not at the expense of the children. The ability to be a stay at home mom is not a punishment, it's a privilege that not everyone can have. I do respect working moms. I don't look down on them, but I do think that the better thing is to be with your children. Like eating healthy. It's better for you, but it's expensive and it's not something you can expect everyone to do. It's not okay to be mad at people for not being able to do that, but it's not bad to acknowledge that it's preferable. 

Our modern day society prides itself on respecting women and letting them make their own decisions and not boxing them in. Female empowerment. So if my choice in life is to do something that seems antiquated, I don't see why anyone should be allowed to complain. 
I am really glad that I have the choice to go to college. I would be very annoyed if that was taken away from me. I'm glad that when I turn 18, I will be allowed to vote. I'm glad that our society has advanced enough that I can do what I jolly well please. 
But I choose to behave like a medieval housewife, not including the arranged marriage, and adding in some independant travelling. 
If a girl says "I don't want to go to the pool" no one says "what, do you think women shouldn't be seen by men while they are in swimsuits? Do you not think you are strong enough to swim?" No, they say 'ok.'  
So when I say "I don't want to go to college" I get reasonably annoyed when people act like I think women shouldn't go to college, or I don't think I'm good enough. The one that bothers me most is when people try to reassure me that I'm smart enough, like 'oh honey, you would do so well."
*nods* yeah I think I would do well too. I just don't want to. Why isn't that enough?

Sometimes I feel like instead of giving me the opportunity to not need a husband for support, get a degree and have a career, I am being pressured into it. Personally, I think having children is super cool, because it really is the one thing women can do that men can't. 

Another thing about modern feminism is that it seems to be putting down men, rather than bringing women up. Which makes it a bully, not some great inspiring thing. 

Next! Men are physically stronger than women. In general. How on earth is it sexist to say that? It's a fact of life. I saw a thing recently where a female olympic swimmer challenged a regular guy to a race in a pool, beat him (duh) and that was indicative of 'girl power' somehow.
What this means, is that someone who as trained for pretty much her entire life will obviously be able to beat some random guy who only goes to the pool to hang out with friends. This also makes me think of bullying. It's not a fair fight, so the victory means nothing. 
I would like to see her go up against a male olympic swimmer who had been training for as long as she had. If she still won, then I would go "woohoo! girl power'. This pool race was the equivalent of me, a small female teenager, beating a two year old boy in an arm wrestling contest.  

To conclude. 
All you women out there, you do what makes you happy (not including being immoral and breaking laws and being mean to people), and I'll do what makes me happy (same conditions apply). Whatever my personal opinions of your choices are, I respect that you have the right to choose and it's not my problem. 

To all you men, same as above. Also I do feel that 'feminism' is rather mean to you, and maybe someday the world will reach a balance between empowering women and oppressing men, and everyone will be happy. We can dream can't we? 

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  1. I read at my own risk and was not annoyed. I agree with what you had to say about feminism and such. Well said!