A Few of my Favorite Things: Again (I was tagged back)

Once upon a time, a strange waif-like creature created a tag, and nominated someone else, and that someone else answered all the questions, and nominated the waif back again.

Rules rules rules:
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*drumroll please* Attention. Lady Awdur, I hereby declare you to be formally acknowledged by myself.

Ha, I am a wise old lady, and I didn't make any rules that would get in my way. I'm not tagging anyone!
I have to admit, when I wrote these questions I thought up answers for most of them, but some were random. Also I think 90% of these have two answers....sorry?

Favorite book:
Lord of the Rings

Favorite animal:
Okay, well my favorite animal is my dog/best-friend. But my favorite type of animal is either a horse or a Liger. Probably liger. I've been rather obsessed with ligers lately, specifically the white ones. So cute. I mean...this perfect. I don't even like cats, and I love these things.

I could look at pictures of these for hours. Look at this!
Favorite color:
Black. It is a color. Also really dark blues, but not Navy. 

Favorite flower:
I love primroses, and pretty much all wildflowers. Like weird things that grow in fields, not the things at the florist shop labelled "wild flowers". I also adore lilacs and yellow-pink roses. 

Favorite language:
Sindarin, Latin is gorgeous, and Gaelic (I know about three words in the first one, maybe 30 or so in the second, and nothing in the third, but I love them anyway. Trust me to love languages that no one speaks. Vatican, here I come!) 

Favorite country:
Middle-earth? Um, the United Kingdom as a whole counts as a country, right???? Fine, Ireland/England. 

Favorite time period:
Medieval Europe, or 1800s England. 

Favorite historical ruler:
Amenhotep III; Charlemagne

Favorite number:
(s) 24 and 19

Favorite beverage:
REALLY bitter English Breakfast tea...be still my heart. I've also been into plain, unsweetened, un-diluted cranberry juice lately.

Favorite finger:
Pinky fingers on other people, right pointer on myself. 

Favorite snack:
I have a strange weakness for Chexmix, I also love anything that I baked. That sounds a little arrogant, but I don't think there is anything wrong with preferring one's own cooking. 

Favorite season:
Autumn, it's the only one that suits me. The colors and the weather and the sky and the late flowers and the cold, crisp air. The fact that my clothing finally matches the season....

Favorite kind of clothing:
Old clothing? Like all old clothing before the 60s. I'm trying to think of a style that I particularly hate...nope. I like it. Like Awdur, I love 1950s cocktail dresses, and am always looking for stuff like that to wear in these unfashionable days. In modern times: layering, scarves, flannel button-downs, and jeans. (Also useless shoes).

Favorite music (particular songs, artists, or just in general):
I don't really have a taste in music. I just like what I like. Sometimes it's classical, sometimes it's the fact that once upon a time my brothers made me watch Bushels of Love, which is a Bad Lip Reading of star wars, put into a song. It was wonderful. I tend to like soundtracks of movies. Lord of the Rings, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, that sort of thing. I'm also rather fond of stuff from the 70s and 80s, like the Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel or Neil Diamond. And Hooked on Feeling ahemguardiansofthegalaxy. I'm so good at picking favorites. 

Favorite time of day:
I love sunsets, and cool evenings. 

Favorite school(-ish) subject:
I don't tend to like generalized subjects. I don't really enjoy math in general, though I'm not bad at it, but I loved Geometry. I don't really like history or geography, because I don't particularly care about most of it, but I like studying specific times/places (18th dynasty Egypt, for instance). I have developed a healthy appreciation for algebra though. And I really want to take Trig. 

Favorite spice:
Cinnamon in oatmeal, and garlic in EVERYTHING (but maybe not in oatmeal...that sounds kind of gross. To each their own.)

Favorite superhero:
Batman, then Tony Stark, then Iron Man (because I think Tony is better as Tony than as Iron Man), and then Loki, who isn't a superhero, but is far more interesting and amusing than the other superheros, and turns out to be slightly less evil than you thought *spoilers*. 

Favorite anything of your choice:
Favorite holiday:
Christmas! In the original religious sense, not in the "put up decorations three months early and give people candy-canes" sense. Also in the 'it's a holy day of obligation sense' (if you'll forgive me using the word a third time in a row).

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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention my love of chex mix and button downs.

  2. Have you ever seen Napoleon Dynamite? It has a really hilarious line about ligers--you should look up a video of the scene because you just have to hear the voice of Napoleon say it to make it funny:
    "What's a liger? It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's a lion and a tiger mixed...bred for its sills in magic."

    1. I haven't, it's funny that you mention it because someone I know was dressed as Napoleon just the other day, and they referenced ligers. I've never seen the movie though