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Is this not adorable?? It's so cute, I'm in love. I don't even like cats. 

There are things that will always be my current obsession. Things like Tolkien and Tea (that seems like a good name for someone to use for a're welcome) and Egypt ,and my dog. But here are a few things that I am not ALWAYS 'into'.

Hot Chocolate.
While I never dislike it, I don't really drink it during the summer, but 'tis the season for hot cocoa, and I am very happy.

I don't know what it is. I just REALLY like oatmeal and eat it constantly. I have had this problem for about a month now. I take mine with a little cinnamon, some cocoa powder, and frozen raspberries and blueberries. 

These Blogs. is loverly, and I have been VERY distracted by this one: 
I really want to go to the Penn Museum now....they do a lot of their work in front of people (with glass between, of course) and I can just see myself standing there for hours watching someone clean off an ancient egyptian artifact. I get lost scrolling through this blog....and forget to do anything and just sit there and bask in the general awesomeness of it. My friend even went so far as to call me a nerd (I embrace that title). 

Beren and Luthien.
I don't know if this counts as a 'current interest', since I haven't read it or even touched it yet, but I am currently interested in it so.... Recently, I innocently preordered a copy, thinking that it should come out soon, and then discovered that it is being released in the Spring. WHY???? And have you noticed that on a lot of these books, Christopher Tolkien does loads and loads of work, and then just says "edited by Christopher Tolkien". Which is technically true, but I feel like he never gets enough credit. For more about this book: The Tolkien Society: Beren and Luthien

Stephen King's On Writing.
This book was recommended by my mother, who says that she doesn't really like King's work, but that this particular book was fantastic. I glanced through some Stephen King at the library, and decided it wasn't to my taste, but I REALLY like his 'memoir on the craft'. I shall probably purchase it eventually. 

Barbara Mertz. 
I was innocently working my way through Barbara Mertz's Red Land, Black Land when I discovered that she had written a bunch of mysterious set in (unfortunately not ancient) Egypt, under a pseudonym. So now I have the first one of those...and have read about four pages. Yay. I have sadly little time to devote to the perusal of random little things like that. But I call it 'educational research for my novel' which justifies spending a few minutes on it here and there....when I just need a change of scenery, as it were. I would not call this an obsession, just an interest. When I eventually finish the mystery (it's title has something to do with crocodiles?? I don't remember) I shall post a review. Red Land, Black Land is fantastic though, and I love it and I want it and I shall have it. 

So there you go, a few things of interest to me. I didn't mention sweaters, because almost everyone likes sweaters when it's cold, but I usually go with hoodies over normal clothes, so this current love of sweaters isn't terribly normal for me.

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Cartonnage cat head belongs to the Penn Museum Artifact Lab:
Pharaoh headress image thingy also belongs to the Penn Museum:
Beren and Luthien cover taken from:
The covers for Red Land, Black Land and On Writing belong to their respective publishers. 
The other images were randomly unearthed on google, and I don't really know who owns them, but I take no credit for them. If anyone wishes to claim them or have me take them down, just comment to let me know. 

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