The day that we've all not been waiting for: H&J snippets! I am probably the slowest writer I have ever met in my entire life. Well, I haven't personally met THAT many, but I am friends with several, and I follow the blogs of a lot more. Anyway, the point is, I am very slow. Let's see, I finally figured out the plot for Hounds and Jackals in....August, and I've written all of 7000 words since then. BUT, I have spent at least 96 hours (not really exaggerating here) doing research, and plotting, and working things out and figuring out the structure of the book. 
   So....I've not been idle, I just don't have much to show for my time. Which is kind of the way writing is. I mean, eventually, you come out with some cheap little paperback of mediocre quality, and no one notices that that little wad of paper represents 15 years of your life, or 1 year, or 3, or 50. But it is really all you have to show for a lot of hard work and time, and hand cramps, and all those feelings of despair and failure. All the times you wanted to give up but you didn't. If you can write a good book in a year, I respect that, I'm jealous, also I hate you. WHY CAN YOU DO THAT??? It's not fair. 
   I digress. What I'm trying to say is that a book is only the tip of the iceberg. So now, I finally have some snippets for you. Some people worry that their work will be stolen, but I would actually be kind of honored if someone thought my snippets were worth stealing. You actually WANT to take credit for this bilge? Wow. And if someone plans to steal my ideas and write a book of their own... I'd actually be kind of interested to see what someone else would do with my what would they look like taken out of the context of my mind?? It's intriguing. 
   On to the promised snippets. These are unedited, and filled with horrors, but it's near halloween after all:

[A]n annoyed looking man strode into the room. He was unfairly tall in Tiye’s opinion, with a very handsome face that concealed a very ugly mind. He looked uncomfortable in his fine clothes, and she thought it likely that Lord Nefru was responsible for the oppressively thick material.
“Well, I’ve finally arrived after being dragged about the unceasing hallways of this repugnant place by that thickheaded woman of yours. Was there something you needed, or do you just enjoy summoning people?”


She would have what she wanted. A cheating scoundrel hunting for information vital to Egypt’s welfare, who would be just as likely to misinform them as to tell the truth. And if he thought he could profit from providing the Kushites with every last detail concerning Egypt’s military….but she would have her way.


“He is not a man of Egypt,” Nefru said, struggling to remain calm. “He does not respect our laws, he does not respect our gods, he does not respect you, Horus.” He bowed his head, and there was a bitterness in his voice that had nothing to do with his brother’s questionable beliefs.


Reniseb had investigated her new home the moment she had arrived earlier that afternoon. To be sure, this room was larger than her old one, but she disliked it all the same. The chamber’s pretentious furnishings seemed to laugh at the humble nature of her few possessions; seemed to be annoyed at their intrusion upon it’s elegant demeanor. She felt that the place disliked her. The rugs resented her bare feet, and the bed held nothing but contempt for her thin body.


The Rhuntaara was a gloomy, sprawling inn, occupying as much space as one of the city’s finer houses, but with only one level. The accommodations were decent, but the food was repugnant, and the society even worse. On principle, the place catered to travelers coming through Memphis, but at least half of it’s inhabitants lived there permanently, and many were in some way related to the quarrelsome landlady and her inebriate husband.

Provide backstory to these snippets? Tell you who is speaking? Explain? Ha!

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