Reimagining Reality

If you are like me, in that I am a human....wait. No I'm not. Sorry. Start over.
If you are human, you have probably had the experience of your mind wandering off. It could be the simple sort, where you idly wonder if you remembered to wash that fork or fold that towel. Or the less common sort where your entire mind just up and wanders off into some place in a book, or an imaginary world. 
Very inconvenient, especially when you are trying very, very hard not to be strange when talking to people you don't really know. (heh, sorry. Have to go see a man about a horse. *runs for dear life*)

But then there is a MUCH less common kind. The type where, instead of going to another world, your mind just remakes the one you are in, and remakes you in the process. 

You are innocently excusing yourself to use the restroom, and suddenly you realize that it really was just an excuse and your real reason for leaving is some dark and mysterious secret. You hurry through the hallways for a purpose you do not fully understand. 

Or perhaps you were intending on taking a walk in your field, when suddenly it was a vast rolling plain, without a building in sight, and you were talking to your soldier cousin who was leaving that day for his next deployment. The war had grown worse, and you were both pretending not to be worried. 

This is the part where, if your brain doesn't do this sort of thing, I start to look like a lunatic. Allow me to dig myself just a little deeper.

You are feeling adventurous and mixing two drinks together in your kitchen. Suddenly you are a poor waitress at a weird hotel that serves bizarrely named drinks. But you won't be poor for long. You put the poison in the glass, and all you have to do is give it to 'the green man'. He drinks it, and you're rich. And then somehow, you end up drinking it by mistake (I mean you spent time on it and gave it a name, and now you're thirsty). You die tragically, by hopping onto the couch with a book. 

I have no dark and mysterious reason for leaving rehearsal. I haven't got a soldier cousin. I have but one cousin and I have only met him once or twice. I think. As far as I know, World War III hasn't started yet, and I haven't worked at a hotel or poisoned a customer's drink for money. 
Do you know what I else I haven't done? Thought of a point to this post. I have no reasons. does one end these things? Oh yes! 
Does your brain do this to you? 

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  1. For sure! When this happens with greater frequency my mind is telling me to go write.

  2. I can wholeheartedly agree with this post! I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing though. I feel like people don't day dream enough. If that makes any sense...

    1. I actually quite enjoy it, and it's fun when I'm alone and I can really just get into it and enjoy myself. But it can be inconvenient when I realize I am looking at someone with hostile eyes, because my brain decided that I had discovered they were a spy trying to ruin the reputation of someone I care about.