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I have dug up some random questions about The Lord of the Rings because any excuse will do. I wanted to talk Tolkien, and I'm terrible at coming up with questions of my own. Lotr tags are weirdly difficult to find. As in, lots of people do them, but there are about three individual sets of questions. Perhaps too many people are like me and don't want to make their own questions.

What was your first introduction to Lord of the Rings?
It was just sort of always around, but I suppose my official introduction was my mom reading it aloud to me when I was 8 or 9.

Have you ever read the book?

Oh wait, this was about the movies. Oops. Yes.

Which version of the movies do you prefer – the extended version or the theatrical release?
The extended because they are better. Enough said.

Who is your favorite character and why?
Ha. I really like the Fellowship. But I think it is fairly safe to say Sam. Or Aragorn. I made it down to two, I can do no more, I am but mortal.

Which of the other books concerning Middle-Earth have you read?
Hobbit, Silmarillion, Random chunks of the history series. Some unfinished tales.

If there was one thing about the movies you would change, what would it be?
Oh goodness. Um. Faramir. They got the poor thing all wrong. Or perhaps Merry and Pippin, whose intelligence was sadly overlooked in the movie. Or maybe the awesome entrance of the Witch King into Minas Tirith that is so amazing in the book and so boring in the movie....

What is your favorite scene in either the books or the movies?
This is simply too much for any self respecting Tolkien fan. I can't pick a scene from the movies, let alone the books. The best I can do, is say that the scene at the end of Two Towers where Sam is talking about folk in those stories having lots of chances of turning back........oh my. Um. *sniffle* it's beautiful.

How would you rate your addiction to Lord of the Rings – Aragorn being the lowest and Gollum/Smeagol being the highest?
what? I don't know what that means. How do you have a scale between Aragorn and Smeagol? If smeagol is the highest, then would an orc be higher than  him? Um. I do not pretend to love it more than everyone, for there are people like Christopher Tolkien. I don't know how to explain this. I love it so very dearly that I cannot think of any words to explain it, because I feel that the word 'love' is not enough, but I can think of nothing stronger. Words like adore and worship are all wrong and have an entirely different meaning. If I am a hobbit, LOTR is my shire. If I were an elf, it would be the sea. This sounds like a weird children's book. "If you were a bunny...."

If you could be any Lord of the Rings character, who would it be?
I wouldn't be any of them. I wouldn't dare.

Your favorite movie? And book?
It's one book (or six, depending on how you look at it). I like it very much. Because I take that view of it, I have a hard time thinking of the movies as being three different things, but probably the Return of the King.

Is there any of the film adaptations that have made you angry because they've ignored important parts of the book?
Ha. Bararum. Hahahaha. See here for details:

Who is your least and your most favorite female character and why?
Well, just in LOTR there aren't that many to choose from...but I love Eowyn (book, not movie, though movie version is also good) and I never really cared much for Arwen. I don't have anything against her, but I don't think we should ever get along in real life. I do respect her. Movie Arwen, I flat out dislike. As for other things. I will NOT choose between Luthien and Melian. 

Who is your least and your most favorite male character and why? 
Oh... we already did part of this. As for least favourite. Hmm. Beregond's kid. Beregond himself is awesome, but I have always thought that Bergil was kind of a brat. (I am excluding Villains, because naturally, I hate them, but also love them as villains and it makes things complicated). 

Where would you like to live in Middle Earth?
I could never choose between the wonderful shire and land of the horse lords. And then there is Rivendell. I will just live like Gandalf and go everywhere while riding an awesome horse....yes that sounds perfect. 

Favorite poetry?
Ow. I just went back over the stuff in LOTR. There are so many beautiful poems and songs. Sweet ones and grand ones, funny and heartbreaking, short and epic. But in the end, I cannot help by love 'Roads go ever on" the most. It is so simple and so true, and it seems that people throughout LOTR are constantly remembering it and thinking of it. I dunno. 

What is your favorite people (hobbits, orcs, elves, ents, men, dwarves, etc.)?
Hobbits, then Elves, then Ents, then Men. 

Favorite song from the LOTR Soundtrack?
Into the West. I am also particularly fond of "Concerning Hobbits". And then there is the music that plays for all the sad moments, and the stuff that plays for the beautiful and uplifting ones. And then there is the whole soundtrack. I don't know how to answer questions. 

Lothlorien or Rivendell?
Rivendell. This is presuming that they are both in their prime, because if not, both are kind of depressing and sad because you know they are fading and about to be gone forever. Wah. Anyway. Rivendell. 

What character would you say you are most like? And what character do you wish you were most like? 
I am mostly a combination of Merry and Pippin, with a nice size helping of Eowyn, and a dash of Sam (loyalty) and Frodo (bookish). I wish I were a combination of Aragorn and Faramir...except female.

First, Second, Third Era or (even) fourth era, and why?
First, because it would be spectacular (if rather freaky) and gorgeous and awesome and there is so much to learn about and understand and it's just so cool....Part of me wants to see the fourth, to learn more about what happens, but It would just make me sad. It's bad enough having to leave LOTR on the note that we leave (that vague feeling that all the trees will be cut down anyway and the world is fading, not just the elves and everything is so sad and Aragorn is going to die and it's going to be depressing because the modern world is on it's way). 

Team Mordor or Team "all free peoples of Middle Earth"?
?? When I say "Sauron is awesome" I mean that he makes a fantastic villain. I will join the free peoples. 

Who would be your best friends at Middle Earth? (Three only). 
OK, so the fact that there is limit mentioned here must mean that there wasn't a limit on ANY of the other questions, so I didn't mess up. Excellent. Pippin and I would get along famously. Eowyn and I would end up in a quiet friendship that didn't look like much on the outside, but that was very strong. As for the third... Imrahil of Dol Amroth. I dunno. Something about that guy tells me he has quite the sense of humour, and we would be good friends. 

Favorite hobbit? 

Ever dressed up as one of LOTR characters? Tell us about it.

Do you prefer the books or films?

If you had to meet one member of the cast, who would it be?
I really want to have a nice long chat with Viggo Mortensen. 

Out of all the characters that died, if you could bring one back, who would it be? 
I can't really answer this. In the moment of each one's death, I would have wished with all my heart that I could bring them back, but now their deaths have been covered by the rest of the story, and ultimately a good outcome, so they did not die for nothing. To go back and pull one out would be to topple everything that came after, and who knows how it might have ended then. 

Any part of the books/movies that makes you cry?
The aforementioned speech at the end of the Two Towers movie. The part in Lothlorien when Boromir is talking to Aragorn. Theoden's death. When Sam talks to Frodo about grass on the slopes of Orodruin. The end. In the books, not so much at specific sad events (it is structured so differently) but at loads of random places where Tolkien suddenly launches into a paragraph of gorgeously worded, sad wonderfulness. 

Any particular scene you wished would have been put in the movie but it wasn't?
Lots. But particularly the Scouring of the Shire. I was so looking forward to it when I saw the movie the first time, and I was quite miffed to find it missing. I also wish that the chapter "A Conspiracy Unmasked" had made it into the movie. People are always overlooking that chapter, and I love it so. I even wrote a post about it (shameless self promotion):

Would you rather own Narya, Nenya or Vilya?
Considering that the One has been destroyed, none of them would do me much good anymore, and from what Galadriel said, it doesn't sound fun to own any ring of power, even if it is a fundamentally good one. So none. Does anyone ever wonder if Rosie has a wedding ring? Would Sam never again want to see a ring on a person he cared for? Or would he give her one, and try to make it look as different as possible from the One? Or do hobbits even have wedding rings at all?

Apart from LOTR, what's your favorite book? 
The Silmarillion. Outside of Tolkien altogether, CS Lewis's Space Trilogy. 

Did you enjoy the Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack?
Goodness yes. My current record is three times all the way through in one day. 

What effect has The Lord of The Rings made on your life and how much does it mean to you?
It is difficult to say specifically 'what it has taught me' as I don't consciously remember reading some part of it and then suddenly learning something. I cannot tell you the effect it has had on my life, any more than I can tell you the effect being brunette has had on my life. I have no idea what I would be like without it. I imagine that I wouldn't have ended up a writer without Tolkien, and I should not have the same appreciation for high quality literature. I should likely be less decent as a person, place less value on "the little things" and the simple ones  (friendship, courage, love etc.). I wouldn't have the same friends I currently have. We didn't meet through LOTR or anything, but a huge part of the friendship was built on a mutual love for Tolkien. My imagination would not be as crazy as it currently is (which some people might consider a good thing). I would not have the same love for the 'epic of Christianity". I would not have learned to appreciate legend or myth. 
Given my rather cynical nature, I probably wouldn't place much value on fiction at all. 
Sort of like I was saying about bringing people back from the dead, Tolkien is woven through my life. If you pulled the string out, the whole thing would unravel, and when you put it back together without Tolkien, I imagine that I would be a very different person than I am now. Different in a bad way. 

Come chat about The Silmarillion with me: 

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