I like my nature dreary, grey, and occasionally dead.

Back when winter was still a thing, I went out a took a bunch of pictures of hoarfrost (http://writeornotwrite.blogspot.com/2017/01/hoarfrost.html), and just a few days later, I went on an brief expedition into my woods. This trip was cut short when my tiny, booted foot went ten inches into wet, icy, mud, and I decided I should probably walk back to the house while I could still feel my foot. Anyway, I forgot about the forest pictures until now, so here they are. They aren't nearly so nice, for most people. Hoarfrost is just beautiful, but for these you must be the sort of person who likes grey skies, leafless trees, and a world that is dreary and grey. Also there are a lot mushrooms in our forest for some reason.

This makes me think of a VERY young Fangorn.
Did I mention the 'shrooms?
Obviously faerie stepping stones. 
I have no idea.
Trees are weird.
Again with the fungus.
This is becoming annoying.
Okay....you know what - nevermind.
I have so many pictures of different tree barks.
Plant skeletons!
It is cool to me that something can look so dead, and be so alive.
The thing about yellow boots, is that I hate them and don't care how dirty they get.
When I was little, I thought that there were alligators in this creek. 
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