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I wouldn't say that I'm a big superhero fan, but I keep up with the movies, and I enjoy them. I have never read any of the comics (I'm more of a Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes sort of person). I do have my favourites though, and Wolverine is one of them. It's probably 50% Hugh Jackman, 25% 'claws are cool', and 25% 'he's so grumpy I love him'. I consider Hugh Jackman to be very talented, and have always thought it rather sad that he was best known for being a hunky growly person who only got one facial expression for all the x-men movies. So when I heard that Logan was going to be more serious and dramatic, I was pleased. HJ finally gets to use his face acting, as opposed his "I work out a lot" acting.

Logan is, of course, R rated for violence and language, which is unfortunate. Overall, I thought that the story was good, and I appreciated the gritty feel of the movie, but the blood was gratuitous. I always find it a little strange when a bunch of people die in a superhero movie, and there is not a single drop of blood, but in this movie the gore was enough over the top that it sort of distracted from the story and characters. 
If you are willing to go through the excessive violence and cursing, it's worth seeing for the final chapter of Logan's story. Provided you really like Wolverine. 

Plot: The film is set in the future (2029) on the Texas/Mexico border (I think), when mutants are going extinct (or something to that effect). But Professor X is somehow not dead. I found this odd as the Prof. was already really old in the other x-men movies, but I'm probably missing some weird twisted timeline thing. Anyway. The titular character has actually aged, finally. His healing isn't working like it used to, and he's growing weak. Blah blah blah, someone has managed to use Logan's DNA to make another fast-healing mutant (also fixed up with some adamantium claws), and there is now a child wolverine named Laura. Bad people want her for various unpleasant reasons etc., Logan must help her get to a safe place for mutants. Ladida, Charles dies, and Logan dies, but Laura and some other 'gifted youngsters' (made with DNA from other mutants) get away and, I assume, make it to safety. 

Logan: As you can see from the picture, he has abandoned his pointy hair and mutton chop beard thing, which I was rather sad about I must admit. For some reason, Hugh Jackman doesn't look like Hugh Jackman to me unless I can clearly see his mouth. And I just like the pointy hair. In this movie, he is (while sort of dying himself) caring for a dying Charles Xavier. The reason for him dying was a little bit vague, but I think it was adamantium poisoning, since his body wasn't constantly healing him any more. He also has a drinking problem, is grumpy and depressed. Throughout the movie he comes to care for Laura (who would technically be his daughter, since they used his DNA) which gives him some greater, uplifting purpose in life. Rather cliche, but I liked it. His character development was loverly. He still had the sarcasm and wit expected of Wolverine. And it was very interesting to watch him cope with not healing. And of course watching as he dealt with Charles dying. And of course, Logan himself dies at the end. It was bittersweet, but I like things that end and I wasn't mad. (Why I don't like TV shows, or book series that go on forever with every 'ending' another cliff-hanger.)

Professor Charles Xavier: The great telepath is now suffering from a degenerative brain disease (the irony of this happening to the most powerful brain in the world does not go unnoticed in the movie). He has violent seizures which cause everything around him to get all shaky and orange (it's not entirely clear) and no one can move. Logan, being a mutant (I guess), is not as affected by it as others and is able to drag himself around a bit, but apparently the seizure would kill people if it went on long enough. I have never been particularly fond of Prof. Xavier, and I found him sort of annoying. He was mean to Logan, gross (in a way that that refined gentleman wouldn't be) and unpleasant. He also did that thing where the wise old man goes "you will know in time" and is mysterious about things for no reason other than a plot device. Sometimes that makes sense, but usually it is just irritating. 
Based on his personality in all the other movies, you would expect Logan to degenerate into constant cursing and rudeness. But not the professor. I no like. 

Laura: She was cute, and sweet-ish (while also brutally murdering a bunch of people....). They managed to make her seem like a vulnerable child, despite the fact that she is pretty much indestructible. I liked her. I liked that Logan, having killed so many people in his life, didn't want that for her. I don't really have much to say about her, I was mostly focused on a certain other someone, but I liked her. She was born and raised in a lab, and her wonder at the outside world was endearing. 

Villan(s): Generic. 

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