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Thank you to Victoria Grace @ Wanderer's Pen for nominating me for the blogger recognition award.

The rules: 
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Tell a little bit about how you started blogging.
Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
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I started this blog in 2014, I believe, on a whim. My first post is a pathetic struggle to sound interesting, and then after a few like that, it starts going up hill. I started because my dear friend Awdur had a blog (which I discovered by stalking her, not by asking normal questions like a normal human) and it seemed like it would be fun. To Write Or Not To Write is more of a journal than anything else, an archive of thoughts. Thank you to those who found said thoughts interesting enough to read. I also used to post writing a lot more, but I think I have run into a problem that many writer-blogger people run into, where you suddenly realize that maybe you don't want you vulnerable unpublished darlings out there for the taking. These other people usually turn to giving amazing advice about writing and talk about the various struggles they face. As I have only struggles, I feel that my discussion of my writing would be very disheartening. And that, dear readers, is how I basically stopped talking about writing at all. I feel that I am sort of coming out of the dark realm of "what are words" and into the slightly less dark realm of "I know what I'm doing, I'm just really bad at it" and so I hope to have more to say in the future, other than "?????". 

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers. I don't think I'm qualified to give advice, but here I go. 

Balance between yourself and your readers. I have visited many blogs, and there is a perfect place between complete disregard for your readers, and so much focus on what other people want, that you forget what you want. That place is where you want to be. I have seen blogs where the author was so focused on readership, followers, and views, that I felt like the entire thing was a series of bribes, trying way too hard to get me to subscribe. I could find nothing that felt like a personality or a unique voice. But then there are some blogs that lose all my interest because they do NOTHING to try to interest people (like, for instance, myself most of the time. Apologies.) You should be yourself, but if you are going to make something public on the internet, you should try to be considerate and think a little bit about how people will react. Don't stifle your opinions, but state them politely and respectfully etc.

You don't have to be 100% original/unique. It's pretty much impossible, for one thing. You can learn a lot from other bloggers. It's okay to read a blog, really like something that they do, and try to do your own version. Key words being 'your own version' rather than just straight up idea theft or plagiarism. And you should still give credit when you can: "I was reading this blog and they did this cool thing and so now I want to try my hand at it". Back when I still made HTML/CSS tutorials, I spent several hours looking at similar tutorials, figuring out what formats appeared to work best and how detailed you should be, etc. Be respectful of other people's content, don't take credit for stuff you didn't come up with, but it's no crime to learn from other blogs. For example, I am about to go do a thing that I WASN'T tagged in, because it looks interesting. 

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