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I have gone to see the Spider-man reboot. 
The best word I can think of to describe the movie is 'cute'. That doesn't make it sound very good, but I thought it was fine, as superhero movies go. These sorts of movies are supposed to be amusing, and I was amused. Though I was falling asleep on the way to the theater, the film managed to keep me awake. It's not yet another origin story, which is good. If you enjoy superhero movies as a rule, you should definitely see this one. I liked it more than certain other Marvel movies I could mention. 
Be forewarned, there is a moderate sprinkling of what I believe is called "toilet-humour" in this movie. 


Alrighty then. Plot. It was fine. Exactly what you would expect. Kid feels like he could be doing more to help, kid gets in mess, kid feels discouraged, kid figures it out. (Is that a spoiler? I don't think so. Surely you didn't think a Marvel superhero movie was going to end with a dead main character?) 
What made this movie fun to watch was not the story, or the Villains, or the quirky sidekicks, or any of that. It was Tom Holland. From the moment I saw him in Captain America: Civil War, I knew he was going to be a good spidey. For one thing, he actually looks that part of a scrawny fifteen year old. He was 20 while they were filming, and is definitely one of those forever-young looking people. 
See, he looks like a twelve-year-old pretending to be a grown-up. Peter Parker being in awe of Tony Stark is very realistic. I imagine it wasn't hard for a young, inexperienced actor to act slightly nervous in the presence of Robert Downey Jr. Peter is supposed to be 15 in this movie, and it was quite believable. Holland nicely captured the energetic, slightly discoordinated nature of many fifteen year old boys. He even bothered to make his voice higher. And since he did most of his own stunts, his personality didn't disappear as soon as he put the mask on. 
There was one moment in particular that I really liked, I don't think I'm spoiling anything, but I might be, I don't know. Anyway. Peter was trapped under a pile of cement, and upon realizing that he couldn't get out by himself, he started crying (as in tears, not noise) and screaming for help. The reason I like this is that it is easy to forget how young he is. Yes he is a lovely brave superhero, but he is also a fifteen year old kid. In severe pain, and trapped, he freaks out, as anyone would, especially a younger chap. Lovely moment of realistic, human vulnerability. Nice touch, movie. 
Now then, other characters. With the exception of Aunt May and Stark, they were all slightly stereotypical movie high school people. The trusty, comedic-relief sidekick. The girl the main character has a crush on. The guy who makes fun of the main character, etc.

Tony Stark was...Tony Stark. Considering that all of the avengers movies and some of the Captain America ones are basically just Iron Man movies, I think Stark is decently well known. He is "mentoring" Peter, in the way that you would expect Tony to mentor: by ignoring him most of the time. And no, he does not at any point say the words "with great power comes great responsibility". Thank goodness. He is actually kind of a horrible role model, if you think about it. I mean....he did recruit a fifteen year old to help him fight incredibly dangerous superheros. Hardly responsible. He is always there enough to scold when Peter gets into scrapes, but not enough to notice beforehand. Not that I'm annoyed by it. It is VERY in keeping with the character of Tony Stark. (I still like you the best, Iron Man).
The villain was...predictable? I can't really talk about him without giving things away. Hmm. Nothing concerning him was in any way surprising to me. He was fine as a villain. Pretty much interchangeable with most other superhero villains. 

Aunt May..... wait, she was in this movie?? 

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