Hounds and Jackals is set in Egypt's 18th dynasty, under the reign of Amenhotep III, a time of peace and gratuitous wealth and prosperity for Egypt. Kush, one of Egypt's dependant provinces (countries, states?) is in a state of rebellion, and is moving to overthrow the king. The kushite rebellion is funded by an unknown source, almost certainly by one of Egypt's supposed "allies". While the rebellion itself poses no great threat to Egypt's excellent military, the possibility of one of the neighboring kingdoms preparing to go to war, is of more concern. Pharaoh, along with his loyal court and wife, Tiye, have dispatched spies to Kush to discover the identity of the kushite's allies. The story is told through two main plot lines: that of the spies (Reniseb, Ukani, Tseskos) in Kush; and that of Egypt's leaders (Amenhotep, Tiye, Nefru and others) at court, and the corruption and lies found there. 


  1. Hello Author. I was trying to my word meters on my own writing page but for some reason they just looked like html codes instead of showing up correctly when I published the page. I use the NaNoWriMo meter and it works fine on the sidebar. Is that the meter you use? Did you do anything besides copy and paste the code?

  2. Hi, Awdur. First you need to make sure that you are in edit HTML mode. On that bar where you can choose font settings and insert pictures and link etc. On the far left of that bar, there should be a little grey buttony thingy that says >>Compose HTML<< click on HTML and then enter your code. It helps if you click where you want the progress bar in compose, then when you paste it in HTML it will be where you want it. But if not, it is fairly easy to move in Compose.
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  3. Another option is on the right, under >>Page Settings<< Where it says 'Compose Mode" It is automatically set to Show HTML literally but if you change it to Interpret typed HTML it should work to just add the code in compose mode. Right where you want it, whenever you want. No hassle.